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Production Vocal Captain Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship Production Show Vocal Captain Celebrity Cruises

One of the Show Singers (Production Vocalists) aboard the cruise ship gets appointed and assumes the responsibilities of a Vocal Captain and acts as a liaison between management and the production cast members onboard the vessel. The duties of the Vocal Captain include, but are not limited to:

- Reports to the Cruise Director and the Cast Performing Manager

- Prepares and supervises all rehearsals in conjunction with her/his dancer counterpart - the Dance Captain

- forwards the video footage taken during shows to the superiors in the cruise line's home office Production Team or the Production company producing the shows

- schedules additional vocal rehearsals with all Singers and Singer-Dancers in order to ensure that all vocal materials are kept to the shows original integrity

- Ensures that all musical (House Orchestra Musicians or pre-recorded tracks), technical (Entertainment Technicians) and video (Audio-Video Techs) support is available for rehearsals

- Reports to the Cruise Director or/and the Cast Performing Manager on any professional or/and personal situation that may arise with a cast member vocalist

- Assists in teaching vocal tracks to new cast members or understudies and may be required to perform in any of the production shows in the event a regular Show Singer is not able to perform

- Works in close cooperation with the Sound Technicians and relays all notes from Production Vocalists regarding sound needs

- Relays all shows and rehearsals schedules to all Show Singers in the cast team

- Reviews on regular basis the video footage from the shows, notes all vocal errors and distributes the notes to the

vocalists during rehearsals

- Depending on the cruise line, the Vocal Captain may or may not be required to participate in emergency and safety drills or related activities

- The Production Vocal Captain enjoys full deck privileges - free access to passenger facilities such as restaurants, bars, gym, disco, swimming pools etc.

Cruise Ship Production Show Vocal Captain Job Requirements:

  • The Vocal Captain must have been already selected as a Show Singer (Production Vocalist) by the production company producing the show before getting appointed for the current position

  • Minimum one contract previous experience aboard a cruise ship in the role of Production Vocalist (Show Singer)

  • Conflict resolution, coaching, decision making and team building skills required in addition to the vocal and acting abilities

  • Very good verbal and written command of the English language

Production Vocal Captain Salary Range:

$3,600 to $4,200 US per month depending on the cruise line and time served with the company.


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