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Grandi Navi Veloci is the youngest cruise line in the Gruppo Grimaldi, founded in 1992, as the result of a decision to introduce a new notion of ships in the Mediterranean-ships that could respond to the need for fast passenger, car and merchandise transport while combining the comfort and luxury of a cruise ship. The President of Grandi Navi Veloci is Aldo Grimaldi, who founded the Gruppo Grimaldi over 50 year ago along with his brothers Guido, Luigi and Mario; today the group is divided up into offices in Naples and Genoa. Today the Gruppo Grimaldi Genova, the first private Italian shipping group, is made up of four companies: Grandi Navi Veloci, Grandi Traghetti di Navigazione, Gilnavi and Consorzio Grimaldi Group.

The sea adventures of Grandi Navi Veloci make up a success story marked by repeated arrivals of spectacular ships:
in 1993 the M/n Majestic, the first cruise-ferry of the fleet, 
in 1994 the M/n Splendid,
in 1996 the M/n Fantastic, 
in 1998 the M/n Excellent
in 1999 the M/n Excelsior and Victory, bought in Japan and re-rigged at Cantieri Mariotti in accordance with GNV's high standards.
In 2002 M/n La Superba an homage to the city of Genoa.
in 2003 M/n La Suprema

With the Majestic, the market has awarded the revolutionary characteristics of this new marine vessel on the Genoa-Palermo line, just as it awarded, the following year, the Mediterranean mini-cruise formula launched with the MS Splendid on the Genoa-Palermo-Tunis-Malta course, and after the summer season on the Genoa-Porto Torres line.

In the meantime, the Line increased its efforts to promote this innovative product, specifically with high impact advertising campaigns in trade fairs in Italy and abroad and through an attentive policy vis-à-vis travel agencies. "Online" navigation began in '96, with website, while, again over the course of the same year, "jumboization" work commenced on the MS Splendid (a high technology surgical operation to increase the number of cabins and enlarge stowage capacity). 
In 1997 GNV (with the entire Gruppo Grimaldi) earned ISO 9002 quality systems certification ­ the first recognition of its kind for ferry-boats in Italy ­ and began to sail on the Livorno ­Palermo line.
With the arrival of the Excellent, the year later, a new course was inaugurated, the Genoa-Olbia line, a strategic course for summer tourist coasting navigation with the MS, while a historic international course was reopened with the MS Fantastic on the Genoa-Barcelona line. To finish off the year, the first Grandi Navi Veloci agency was inaugurated in Milan.

In '99, after the baptism of the MS Excelsior, the flagship of the fleet, the MS Victory began sailing the line in June, while in November Grandi Navi Veloci was listed on the Italian Stock Exchange Telematic Market. The year 2000 opened with dream cruises and closed with a clamorous 38% increase in passenger transportation.

On March 22nd, Grandi Navi Veloci marks an important event in the field of the cabotage in the Mediterranean which the introduction of m/s La Superba. This ship, for its characteristics, can be defines as the biggest and fastest cruise ferry in the Mediterranean Sea. Meanwhile at Nuovi Cantieri Apuania they are building a twin ship: La Suprema.
La Superba is employed with cruises traffic and contributes to increase the number of passengers of the 31,7% and of 7,1% for linear meter regarding the commercial vehicles embarked by GNV during the month of July and august. The 2002 is year of Gaudi's celebrations a series of events made to commemorate 150 years of the famous architect's birth. In this period GNV - the only maritime transportation company between Italy and Spain - is one of the main sponsors of the web page
In 2003 GNV celebrates the 10th anniversary together with the launching of m/s La Suprema (to be delivered in spring) and opening the second international line Genoa-Tunis-(Malta)-Genoa in order to bring all the people who wish to reach the "door" of Africa.

In 2011 Marinvest Srl, acquires 50% of GNV in exchange of mixed contribution - cash and three ships (SNAV Toscana, SNAV Lazio SNAV Sardegna).

Passenger ships / ferries and itineraries:

La Suprema: Italy registered; built 2003; 49,257 gross tons; 2,920 passengers.
Itineraries: Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza (Spain) /Marseilles (France)/Genova (Italy).
Grimaldi Lines-La Suprema ship
La Superba: Italy registered; built 2002; 49,257 gross tons' 2,920 passengers.
Itineraries: Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza (Spain) /Marseilles (France)/Genova (Italy).
Grimaldi Lines-La Superba ship
Excelsior: Italy registered; built 1999; 39,800 gross tons; 2,253 passengers.
Itineraries: Barcelona (Spain) - Tangier (Morocco); Genoa (Italy) - Tangier (Morocco); Genoa (Italy) - Porto Torres (Sardinia); Genoa (Italy) - Barcelona (Spain).
Grimaldi Lines-Excelsior ship
Excellent: Italy registered; built 1998; 39,800 gross tons; 2,253 passengers.
Itineraries: Genoa (Italy) - Porto Tores (Sardinia); Genoa (Italy) - Tunis (Tunisia); Civitavecchia (Rome, Italy) - Tunis (Tunisia).


GNV-Excellent ship
Fantastic: Italy registered; built 1996; 35,222 gross tons; 1,900 passengers.
Itineraries: Civitavecchia (Rome, Italy) - Palermo (Sicily, Italy); Civitavecchia (Rome, Italy) - Tunis (Tunisia); Palermo (Sicily, Italy) - Tunis (Tunisia).
GNV-Fantastic ship
Splendid: Italy registered; built 1994; 39,139 gross tons; 2000 passengers.
Itineraries: Genoa (Italy) - Tunis (Tunisia).



GNV-Splendid ship
Majestic: Italy registered; built 1993; 32,777 gross tons; 1,790 passengers.
Itineraries:  Barcelona (Spain) - Tangier (Morocco); Genoa (Italy) - Tangier (Morocco); Genoa (Italy) - Barcelona (Spain).


Grimaldi Lines-Majestic ship
SNAV Lazio: Italy registered; built 1990; 33,396 gross tons; 2,000 passengers.
Itineraries: Napoli - Palermo, Italy.
SNAV Lazio ship
SNAV Sardegna: Italy registered; built 1989; 33,336 gross tons; 2,000 passengers.
Itineraries: Napoli - Palermo, Italy.
SNAV Sardegna ship
SNAV Toscana: Italy registered; built 1980; 29,706 gross tons; 2,180 passengers.
Itineraries: Genova - Porto Torres(Sardinia), Italy.
SNAV Toscana ship

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