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Production Lead Vocalist Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship Show Singers - Production Lead Vocalists

The duties and responsibilities of the Production Lead Vocalist / Show Singer aboard a cruise ship include, but are not limited to:

- Reports to the Cruise Director and the Cast Performing Manager

- Performs the required shows as approved by the Director of Entertainment in cruise line's home office or by the company producing the show (in case the show is not in-house production)

- Performs the Lead Vocalist roles in Production Shows specifically created by or for the cruise line as stated in the contract

- Arrive backstage minimum 15 minutes prior to rehearsals and 30 minutes prior to shows, providing sufficient time for getting dressed and warming up and getting fully prepared to perform on stage

- Attends regular rehearsals as scheduled by the Cast Performing Manager or the Vocal Captain including any additional rehearsals required for restaging of shows due to weather conditions, illness or replacement of a cast member

- Attends additional rehearsals with the Cast Performing Manager and/or the Vocal Captain each week to ensure all vocal material is kept up to the show’s original integrity

- Responsible for the proper care of all Production Shows costumes, wigs, hats etc. ensuring that they are stored immediately after a performance

- Responsible for maintenance and organizing the cast members dressing rooms and backstage area

- Due to the nature of the profession the Show Singer must maintain weight restrictions according to her/his contract

- Assist in teaching choreography or/and songs to new Show Singers

- May be required to perform as a understudy in any Production Show in the event a cast member is not able to participate.

- Depending on the cruise line and/or on the particular ship, the Show Singer may or may not be required to participate in emergency and safety drills and related activities

- Show Singers enjoy full deck privileges - free access to passenger facilities such as restaurants, bars, gym, disco, swimming pools etc.

Cruise Ship Show Singer Job Requirements:

Excellent, attractive and versatile singers with exceptional vocal abilities and qualities with the ability to sing Musical Theatre, Jazz, contemporary pop/rock and R&B styles. Training in classical opera singing is a plus, but not mandatory

Excellent acting skills and basic dancing abilities

Female Singers: Altos and Sopranos with strong legit (head) and Broadway/Pop Belt voices
Male Singers: Baritones and Tenors with developed falsettos and a strong Broadway/Pop belt

Height requirements slightly vary between the different cruise lines and production show companies, but in general are:

Female Singers must be 5'3"-5'9" (162 cm - 180cm) in height
Male Singers must be 5'8"-6'4" (177 cm - 195 cm) in height

Some show production companies and cruise lines do not have a particular height requirements

Age requirements - between 18 and 40 (just one show production company requires minimum age of 23 and and has an upper age limit of 35). Candidates can audition at age of 17, but can not start work before reaching 18.

There are two types of auditions - live auditions and video auditions. In most cases candidates should submit video materials in order to be selected for a live audition, in some cases candidates may be hired via video audition only

Video submissions:

Female Vocalists - please, record variety of vocal styles (at least one ballad and one up-tempo pieces from musical theater or opera, 50's - 60's, Pop, Pop/Rock) showing your belt and head voice. Please, show also some dance movement and a full body shot at some point in the talent footage.

Male vocalists - please, provide variety of vocal styles (at least one ballad and one up-tempo from musical theater or opera, 50's - 60's, Pop, Pop/Rock) showing your falsetto
Please, show also some dance movement and a full body shot at some point in the talent footage

Show group footage can be accepted, however it should be known who you are very clearly

Along with the video candidates will need to supply a headshot, an updated resume that includes your performances, your height and present contact information including an email address

Some cruise lines and production show companies will accept YouTube or email video submissions, others will insist on hard copy (DVD) video, photograph and resume submissions mailed to their postal addresses.

Production Vocalist Salary Range:

$3,200 to $3,800 US per month depending on the cruise line and time served with the company. Possibilities for promotion to Production Vocal Captain position.


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