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Assistant Casino Manager Job Description and Duties:

Assistant Casino Manager on cruise ship

- Reports to the ship's Casino Manager and directly supervises supports and evaluates the performance of the subordinate casino operation positions - Casino Senior Supervisor, Cash Desk Manager, Slot Manager, Casino Dealer/ Croupier, Slot Technician and Casino Cashier

- Oversees and supervises the day-to day operations of the cruise ship casino as directed by the Casino Manager

- Discusses on daily basis with the Casino Manager the requirements of the dayís activities and timeframes for specific tasks within the shipboard casino venue.

- Reviews schedules to estimate timeframes and to ensure speed and efficiency for the specific tasks

- Meets on regular basis with subordinate casino staff to review passenger comments in order to implement revisions and improvements of current practices.

- Supervises the financial aspects of the cruise ship casino operations, including the successful identification of expense reduction through cost control

- Under the supervision of the Casino Manager and with the help of the subordinate casino operation staff he / she maintains a strong observation and control over all casino games, slot machines and casino cage in order to minimize security treats and fraud cases

- Builds and maintains relationships with Casino VIP guests, and identifies new ones based on feedback from the casino personnel and personal observations.

Assistant Casino Manager Job Requirements:


  • High school diploma or basic education equivalent

  • Bachelorís degree in hospitality management, business administration or related field from an accredited college/ university or the international equivalent is preferred

  • Minimum of one ear supervisory experience in casino table gaming operations

  • Ability to make decisions based on sound judgment regarding gaming rules and regulations

  • Good command of the English language (both spoken and written), knowledge of additional language(s) is a plus

  • Ability to supervise a multinational team of casino personnel in a positive and productive fashion

Assistant Casino Manager Salary Range:

$3600-4400 U.S. per month, depending on the cruise line, commission and size of the ship. Possibilities for promotion to Casino Manager position.


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