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Videographer Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship videographer

- Responsible for shooting video footage of passengers and events taking place on the cruise ship and ashore with the purpose of selling the videos at the end of the cruise

- Produces a live morning show, which features the cruise director discussing the day's activities

- He/ she would accompany and film passengers on various shore excursions, then upon return to the ship the videographer would capture and edit the footage shot during the tour. A big size cruise ship may employ up to 5 videographers and there is a rotation between videographers assigned to the different tours

- Assembles a documentary filled with trip highlights, including shore excursions

- On sea days he/ she would film different activities taking place on the cruise ship - games around the swimming pool area, captain's welcome party, formal nights and dance parties

- The videographer is involved in filming weddings and renewal of vows that take place aboard the ship and this may include (depending on the wedding package) ceremony, reception, pre- and post- interviews, video montage etc.

- Responsible for shooting training videos for other departmentsí training programs, as well as promotional videos for the cruise line

- On some cruise ships videographers in addition to the above mentioned duties are responsible for the ship's entertainment systems, cruise ship's own TV broadcast and interactive TV system, pay-per-view movies etc.

Cruise Ship Videographer Job Requirements:


  • The Ship Videographer must have good command of the English language (both spoken and written)

  • Must have a strong audio-visual background

  • College degree or equivalent work experience in video production, film or communication studies

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work in a multicultural environment

  • The videographer must be passionate for video footage production, customer service orientated and feeling comfortable in dealing with passengers on a daily basis

Videographer Salary Range:

$2200-2800 U.S. per month, depending on the size of the ship and commission on sales.


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