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Staff Chief Engineer Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship staff chief engineer

- The Staff Chief Engineer is the second in charge and second highest-ranking officer within the Engine Department of a cruise ship

- Must be fully conversant with all of the Chief Engineer's functions and be able to assume his/her duties and take charge of the ship's Engine Department at any moment

- Oversees and supervises the day-to-day operations of the entire engineering department aboard the ship and is actively participating in instructions and training of all the engine department officers and staff

- He/she would assist the Chief Engineer in all mechanical, electrical, electronic, environmental matters aboard the ship and HR issues within the Engine Department, as well as ordering parts and equipment for the department and budget proposals

- Works in close cooperation with the ship's Safety Officer in order to ensure the proper maintenance and outstanding mechanical conditions of all the safety equipment and systems aboard the cruise ship, such as fire-fighting and sprinkler systems, water-tight and fire-proof doors and all the safety equipment within the engine room

Staff Chief Engineer Job Requirements:

  • Certificate of Competency: IMO III/2 (First officer or more no limitation for other than ro-ro vessels)

  • Strong managerial skills and previous ship experience as a senior engine department officer

  • Master's degree or Polytechnical degree of technical ship's operation

  • Excellent verbal and written command of the English language

Staff Chief Engineer Salary Range:

$7000 - 9800 U.S. per month and up depending on the cruise line and time served with the company. Possibilities for promotion to Chief Engineer position.


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