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Staff Captain Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship Staff Captain

- The Staff Captain is the second in command aboard the cruise ship and Head of the Deck Department

- Reports directly to the Master

- Must be familiar with all duties and responsibilities of the Master and should be able to assume command of the vessel at any time

- Oversees all activities taking place on the bridge during docking, maneuvers, departure and at open sea

- Responsible for all navigational aspects of ship's operations and watch keeping schedules and assignment of duties

- Responsible for the fresh water supplies and consumption aboard the vessel (in conjunction with the Chief Engineer)

- Ensures that all ship's stability calculations and verifications are made for the intended voyage and trains the subordinate deck officers in performing these functions

- Ensures that all ship officers, staff and crew are properly trained regarding emergency procedures and attend safety drills on regular basis

- Makes sure that all lifesaving equipment is in proper working order and ready for an immediate use

- Ensures the correct implementation of "crew rounds" (crew cabins safety inspections) and in-port manning

- Responsible for the budget and inventory control of the department, making sure that expenditures stay within or below the company budget

- Oversees all aspects of safety and security issues of the ship, guests, staff and crew; investigates accidents, incidents and non-conformities in conjunction with the Safety Officer and Security Officer

- Responsible for planning, execution and safe operation of tendering services when the ship is at anchor (not docked at a pier)

- Authorizes all guests or crew tours of the bridge, theater backstage or other restricted areas of the ship as conditions permit

Staff Captain Job Requirements:

  • National Certificate of Competency (Unlimited Masterís license) plus all applicable STCW 95 certificates

  • Diploma from an accredited maritime training school or facility

  • Minimum one year experience as a Deck Officer (minimum 6 months as a Staff Captain or 1st Officer) aboard a cruise vessel

  • Excellent verbal and written command of the English language

  • Strong leadership and managerial skills along with ability to work in multicultural environment

Staff Captain Salary Range:

$6000 to 8000 U.S. per month and up depending on the cruise line and time served with the company.


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