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Security Guard Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship security guard

The Security Guard controls points of entry to the ship and the screening process of guests, crew and their luggage. While the ship is in port the Security Guard operates at the Gangway, while on anchor - at the tender docking stations both ashore and on the vessel. The main duties and responsibilites of a cruise ship Security Guard include, but are not limited to:

- Monitors security aboard the ship 24/7 alternating day and night shifts

- Presents to the Chief/Deputy Security Officer the log of activities during the night time hours

- Performs regular safety rounds of public, crew and off-limit areas of the ship

- Conducts frequent security inspections of the crew quarters during his/hers duty hours

- Must be trained in fire prevention and basic fire-fighting techniques and in case of discovering a fire to be able to access properly situation and act accordingly until arrival of the dedicated fire-fighting team

- Must be familliar with the use and location of all safety and security related equipment aboard the vessel

- Must prevent or report to the superior Security Officer any abuse of ship's property or regulations that may occur

- Conducts random and scheduled crew cabin checks, alcohol and illegal drugs test as directed by the Chief Security Officer and the Staff Captain

- While on duty, the Security Guard must be always be alert and ready to take emergency action depending on the situation

- Attends meetings, training activities and courses as required by the cruise line regulations

- Assists the Chief/Deputy Security Officer in basic safety and security training of the rest of the officers, staff and crew aboard the ship

Cruise Ship Security Guard Job Requirements:

  • Experience in the field of Security and firearms handling skills are required

  • Military or/and Police background is preferred

  • Experience in a role of Security Guard aboard ship is a plus

  • Very good verbal and written command of the English language

  • Knowledge of other language(s) is a plus

  • Ability to work in mutlicultural environment

Security Guard Salary Range:

$1200 to 1800 U.S. per month depending on the cruise line. Possibilities for promotion to Security Officer position.


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