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Photo Manager Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship photo manager

- Oversees all the photography team operations aboard the cruise ship

- Responsible for scheduling and assigning the daily work of all photographers, keeping track of their working hours, as well as on-the-job training guidance of new recruits

- The photo manager is also responsible for improving the photography team personnelís ability to achieve and exceed company sales goals through highly developed promotional and visual skills

- Supports the development of the abilities of the photographers to promote successfully their services and certain products among passengers

- She/ he is also in charge of the stock materials for the lab and retail items in the photo gallery/ photo retail shop, such as albums, frames, cameras and accessories

- The Photo Manager works in close cooperation with all other heads of departments aboard the cruise ship ensuring optimal performance of the shipboard photography team, coordination for special events taking place all over the ship and providing best quality services for guests

Photo Manager Job Requirements:


  • Must posses strong leadership skills and excellent command of the English language (both spoken and written).

  • Degree or course in photography OR relative experience required

  • Image processing and printing experience is essential

  • The Photo Manager must be highly qualified in all aspects of photo department operations - processing and development of footage, shooting pictures and retail sales

  • Must be passionate for photography, customer service orientated and feeling comfortable in dealing with passengers on a daily basis

  • Photography and managerial experience is essential

  • Cruise ship experience is preferred, but not mandatory

Photo Manager Salary Range:

$3000-4500 U.S. per month depending the cruise line, size of ship and commission on sales.


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