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Since its launch in 2003, Ocean Village, the one-ship cruise lined owned by U.K. based P&O Cruises, has carved a niche for itself in the growing market for "cheap and cheerful" cruises, targeting young and young-at-heart passengers. The recipe obviously worked as the company introduced its second ship, Ocean Village 2, in the summer of 2009. That ship was transferred from sister cruise line AidaBlu (both were owned by Carnival Corporation). Carnival Corporation, UK announced that by the end of 2010 Ocean Village would cease operations as a brand. The ships were transferred to P&O Australia Cruises. The ship Ocean Village was renamed to Pacific Pearl. Ocean Village Two joined P&O Australia Cruises in December 2009 as Pacific Jewel. Ocean Village appealed strongly to mostly-first-time-type passenger by "tearing up the cruising rule book" and targeted the "Dress Down Friday" generation. The go-getting "Dress Down" generation is in favor of casual dress, sporty activities, eating-when-you-please, stand-up comics and rock concert-style entertainment. Casual was the order of the day on Ocean Village; none of its restaurants had dress codes (though most passengers dressed respectably when coming indoors). There were no formal evenings, so these cruises were heaven for those who like to travel light. As a result, Ocean Village (formerly known as P&O's Arcadia), was refurbished accordingly. Among the enhancements made during the ship's transitional refurbishment were the addition of a second gym facility, a completely reconfigured lido buffet that was open round-the-clock, the addition of The Bistro, a new alternative restaurant supervised by popular British TV chef James Martin, the retiling of pool areas, and jazzed-up show lounges and bars. As part of its effort to attract a younger demographic, Ocean Village also had excellent children's facilities.

Cruise ships and itineraries:

Ocean Village (Ex-Sitmar Fairmajesty, Princess Cruises Star Princess, P&O Arcadia, left the Ocean Village fleet at the end of 2010): British registered, built 2003, 63,500 gross tons, 1,856 passengers, 514 crew members.
Itineraries: Caribbean out of Bridgetown, Barbados, Mediterranean out of Palma de Mallorca, Spain; Trans-Atlantic.
  Ocean Village cruise ship
Ocean Village Two (formerly Princess Cruises Crown Princess, leaving the Ocean Village fleet in December 2009): British registered, built 1989, 70,285 gross tons, 2,014 passengers, 621 crew members.
Itineraries: Mediterranean, Adriatic Sea, North Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia.
  Ocean Village Two cruise ship

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