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Some cruise lines use various type of instructors aboard selected ships in order to provide more choices for entertainment to their passengers. In most cases the instructors are provided and hired by an "outside" concessions and agencies. Most commonly used instructors on cruise ships are: Golf Instructor, Scuba Diving / Water Sports Instructor, Bridge Instructor, Dance Instructor, Texas 42 Instructor, Arts and Crafts Instructor, Backgammon Instructor, Computer and Internet Instructor, Caricature Artist, Astrologer, Numerologist and others.

Below you can find descriptions and requirements for some type of instructors that cruise lines use aboard their ships:

  • Golf Instructor (operating golf simulator, playing golf with passengers, other cruise staff duties). Fluent English Language skills required. These positions call for very independent individuals who have the capacity and patience to teach at ALL levels and the ability to interact in social situations with the Cruise Line guests, staff and port personnel. They must also possess the motivation and business acumen to operate our on-board operation in its entirety, from self-promotion, instruction and conducting shore excursions.

  • Scuba Diving / Water Sports Instructor (conducts daily diving and snorkeling programs, maintains equipment). Diving instructor's certificate and CPR/First Aid certificate required. Fluent English Language skills required.

  • Bridge Instructor - must be an experienced bridge teacher and ACBL certified director who has achieved Life Master standing. The director must be proficient at both Standard American and Acol and be an excellent socializer with an outgoing, dynamic personality. The Bridge Director will be responsible for teaching bridge lessons for intermediate/advanced players followed by an afternoon of duplicate and social bridge play on each day the ship is at sea and on select port days. Depending on the ship, bridge instructors may also be asked to offer lessons for absolute beginners. The Bridge Instructor will also be responsible for submitting any masterpoints earned by passengers who are members of the ACBL.

  • Dance Instructors most commonly travel as a duo, and the couple must be proficient in all dance styles – from the classics to the current fads -- and offer lessons to passengers of all ages and abilities. One day might feature lessons on traditional ballroom dance techniques including the waltz and the foxtrot, while the next might be spent teaching line dancing and the Macarena. Dance Instructors must be outgoing, friendly and prepared for anything.

  • Texas 42 Instructor - Often referred to as “the National Game of Texas,” Texas 42 is a popular domino game similar in strategy to the card game Bridge, but not as complicated. As a new program on board Royal Caribbean's Rhapsody of the Seas, we will be featuring experts in the game of Texas 42 who will instruct passengers on how to play and improve their game and host game play on each sea day. The Texas 42 Instructor must be friendly, flexible and an excellent socializer with an outgoing, dynamic personality. The Instructor will be responsible for teaching lessons for absolute beginners and intermediate/advanced players. Each lesson is followed by game play on each day the ship is at sea and on select port days. The Texas 42 Instructors will also be responsible for keeping an accurate count of the ship’s Texas 42 permanent and consumable supplies, such as dominos, pads of paper, and pens.

  • Arts & Crafts Instructor - must be a friendly, patient and creative individual who enjoys teaching craft projects to the guests while the ship is at sea or on select port days. The instructor will be responsible for providing the supplies needed to make the crafts and must prepare an original project for each class. Examples of craft lessons may include "The Joy of Scrapbooking", "Easy-to-Make Christmas Ornaments", or "The Art of Watercolor".

  • Caricature Artist aboard cruise ships serve as part of the ship's enrichment staff. Everyone loves to bring home a fun, visual memory of their cruise vacation, which is why Caricature Artists are so popular on board ships.During a cruise assignment, a Caricaturist is responsibility is to provide quick and fun caricature drawings which are offered at no charge to passengers. Usually, the Caricaturist is situated in popular, high-traffic areas of the ship sketching individuals, as well as groups of family and friends traveling together. As a general rule of thumb, less than five minutes should be spent on each drawing each individual. Shipboard Caricaturists must be friendly, creative and have excellent social skills.

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