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Quartermaster Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship Quartermaster (Helmsman) on the bridge

The Quartermaster (QM), also named Helmsman is an unlicensed member of the deck crew, an Able Seaman who is performing also Bridge Watch Keeping duties. The main duties and responsibilities of the Quartermaster include, but are not limited to:

- Reports to the Bosun (Boatswain)

- Performs Watch Keeping duties on the bridge and steers the ship applying the helm orders given by the Officer of the Watch (OOW)

- Stands watch also as a Lookout, observing the sea for potential hazards, other ships, floating objects, icebergs, land, etc. and reporting any changes to the OOW

- May assist the Bridge Officers in ship's navigation, maintenance of nautical charts and maps

- When not standing a watch, the QM may be required to perform general maintenance of the ship’s hull such as chipping, scraping, cleaning, priming, and painting as required by the Bosun

- Operates tenders when the ship is at anchor and tender service is required

- Must be able to operate ship's rescue boats

- The QM may be a member of the ship's fire-fighting team and should respond rapidly in case of fire

- Must be proficient in the use of lifesaving, damage control, and safety equipment

Cruise Ship Quartermaster Job Requirements:

  • Minimum 2 years of sea service in a role of Quartermaster (QM) or Able Seaman (AB)

  • Candidates must hold lifeboat (tender) operation certificate

  • Previous experience aboard passenger vessel is preferred, but not mandatory

  • Must hold Basic Safety Course Certificate and appropriate licenses and certificates

  • Fair command of the English language, must fully inderstand verbal and written orders

  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment

Quartermaster Salary Range:

$1200 to 2400 U.S. per month and up depending on the cruise line and time served with the company. Possibilities for promotion to Bosun position.


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