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Food and Beverage Manager Trainee Job Description and Duties:

- Follows the training program put forward on board by the Food and Beverage Manager.

- In order to train in all areas of the food and beverage department; galley, bars, storeroom and restaurants the F&B Manager Trainee will be under the supervision of various managers within the department - Food and Beverage Provision Master, Assistant Food Manager in preparation areas of crew galley and crew mess, Assistant Food Manager in the main galley, assistant food manager in the buffet area and Inventory Manager.

- During the period of training the F&B Manager Trainee must learn service procedures as set out by the cruise line and to ensure all team members within the department meet the standards.

- Must learn all restaurant and bar menus and galley production operations under the guidance of the Chef de Cuisine.

- Must work in and learn about all the operational areas of the crew, and main galley and pantries and learn the restaurant operation with the guidance of the Maitre Dí.

- Should learn and have a knowledge of the storeroom operation with the help of the storeroom manager and learn and have a knowledge of the accounting procedures by working closely with both the cost and revenue accountants.

- Should learn and enforce all SMS procedures and USPH regulations applicable to the food and beverage department.

Food and Beverage Manager Trainee Job Requirements:


  • Minimum two years background in food or beverage in an upscale hotel, resort or cruise ship or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • Management skills and ability to work in a multicultural environment plus knowledge of basic computer software.

  • Strong organizational, analytical, detailed planning and project management skills.

  • Ability to work under pressure while planning, executing and following up on the various tasks in a very flexible working environment.

  • Good command of the English language (both spoken and written), knowledge of additional language(s) is a plus.

Food and Beverage Manager Trainee Salary Range:

$1800-2600 U.S. per month depending on depending on the cruise line, commission and size of the ship.


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