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Environmental Officer Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship Environmental Officer

- The EO (ECO) aboard a cruise ship is not required to stand watch keeping duties, except in rare cases such as crisis situation or inability of another Deck Officer to attend duties

- Reports directly to the Master of the ship regarding any environmental compliance matters, for all other aspects the EO reports to the Staff Captain

- Has a full access to every place on the ship as well as to any officer, staff and crew member

- Performs internal environmental audits and relays the results to the Master and the Shore Environmental Manager

- Ensures that the ship is in a full compliance with all local and international environmental laws as well with the cruise line's environmental policy

- Ensures that all pollution preventing and waste handling equipment is working properly and pays special attention to recycling and hazardous materials handling issues

- Acts as an adviser to the Master, Chief Engineer and all other heads of departments on environmental compliance, policies and procedures

- Reviews all environmental records for completeness and accuracy - integrated pest management records, ballast water handling, sewage and gray water discharge logbook, oil record book and garbage record book

- Conducts the training of all shipboard personnel in environmental policies and procedures

- Supervises members of the ship's waste management team in order to ensure that work is carried out efficiently and according to all company environmental policy guidelines

Environmental Compliance Officer Job Requirements:

  • Deck Officer license OR Engine Officer license with COC class 2 OR Environmental related degree plus all required STCW 95 certificates

  • Diploma from an accredited maritime training school or facility

  • Some experience as a Deck or Engine Officer aboard a passenger vessel

  • Very good verbal and written command of the English language

  • Computer literacy - basic Windows based programs

  • Good administration skills and ability to prioritise

  • Decision Making, coaching and team building skills

Environmental Officer Salary Range:

$5500 to 8300 U.S. per month depending on the cruise line and time served with the company. Possibilities for promotion to a Staff Captain position.


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