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1st Engineer Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship electronic engineer

- Reports to the Chief Electrical Engineer

- Responsible for the maintenance and repair of all electronic equipment and systems aboard the cruise ship

- The ship's equipment/systems maintained by the electronic engineer include (but are not limited to) electronic and navigation equipment on the bridge, satellite communication system, electronic equipment in the engine control room, ship's entertainment and TV systems including TV sets, ship's telephone system, telephone sets and personal pagers, camera surveillance system, public address system, UPS systems, fire detection systems, fire and water-tight doors control systems

- The Electronic Engineer also works in close cooperation with the ship's Production/ Stage Manager and Sound/ Light Technicians to ensure proper maintenance of entertainment systems and stage equipment - show lights, audio/video, platform lifts and theatre curtains

Electronic Engineer Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor's Degree or Technical Diploma from accredited university or college

  • Relevant working experience required, shipboard experience preferred

  • Computer literacy and good verbal and written command of the English language

Electronic Engineer Salary Range:

$3500 - 4500 U.S. per month and up depending on the cruise line.


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