Scam Alerts!!!

Please, be aware that an individual or a group of people are using our company name and address in Ottawa, ON, Canada for criminal activities - sending false employment letters and money extortion from potential job seekers.
The website is and Emails to potential job seekers are sent from

This person or group of individuals have also copied our entire website.

They are using our address in Ottawa, ON, Canada, just have added a phone and fax numbers in the province of British Columbia (no one is answering this phone) and a phone number and address in Malaysia.

This people are sending false employment letters on our behalf, forwarding the candidates for a fake law firm
(Marcus Jattos & Co.) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where they are suppose to send the amount of $675 USD for visa and immigration services. The website of the fake law firm is

We have received numerous emails from job seekers asking us to confirm the authenticity of the employment letters, so we do have both the fake employment letter and the visa related fees letter.

You can always identify our website by our domain ( and remember that the emails that come from us are using the same domain (

Please, ignore all correspondence coming from the above listed website or email address and note that we never send letters of employment.

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