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Chief Security Officer Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship Chief Security Officer - Carnival Cruise Line

The Chief Security Officer is in charge of implementing the company security policies and all security operations on board the cruise ship both at sea and while in port. The key duties and responsibilities of the CSO include, but are not limited to:

- Reports to the Staff Captain and to the Master of the ship regarding all security accident, incident and crime investigation issues that may occur amongst the crew or passengers

- Responsible for the proper on-the-job training of all shipboard Security Personnel - Deputy Security Officer and Security Guards as well as training of all crew and staff aboard the ship regarding security issues

- Applies cruise line's security policies in a fashion that has little to no effect on the guests aboard the ship while in the same time ensuring that all aspects of the security program are strictly followed by the vessel's Security Personnel and the rest of the officers, staff and crew

- Responsible for maintaining security records, gangway log sheets, equipment maintenance records, security patrol log sheets, training and visitor records

- Coordinates all security activities while the ship is in port and oversees the Security Guards duties at the gangways

- Briefs the Master of the ship, the Staff Captain and all shipboard Security Personnel of the counter measures required when operating in increased security risk areas or at a higher security threat level

- Acts as a head of the investigation team in regards to any accident/incident that may occur amongst passengers or crew members and writes all required reports upon completion of the investigation

- Orders and coordinates alcohol, illegal drugs tests and cabin search

- Responsible for assigning and scheduling duties of all subordinate members of the Security Team aboard the ship

- Administers the vessel's key system, safes and vaults

- Responsible for the safe keeping and proper maintenance of all security devices and weapons that may be present aboard the ship

Chief Security Officer Job Requirements:

  • Minium of 4 years of Police or/and Military Training/Professional Experience or a combination of both

  • Previous experience as a Security Officer aboard passenger ships is preferred, but not mandatory

  • Must hold Basic Safety Course Certificate and appropriate licenses and certificates

  • Conflict resolution, coaching, decision making and team building skills

  • Very good verbal and written command of the English language

  • Computer literacy - basic Windows based programs

  • Ability to work in mutlicultural environment

Chief Security Officer Salary Range:

$4500 to 7200 U.S. per month depending on the cruise line and time sevred with the company.


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