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Chef de Rang / Head Waiter - Specialty Restaurant Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship Chef de Rang

- Reports to the Assistant Maitre D’ and Maitre D’ - Specialty Restaurant

- Directly supervises, supports and evaluates the performance of the subordinate positions within the Specialty Restaurant - Sommelier, Commis de Rang and Utility Cleaner

- Mentors, develops and provides on-the-job training to new recruits in order to improve their current performance allowing them to gain skills and abilities for future advancement

- Responsible for notifying the Assistant Restaurant Manager - Specialty Restaurant of any cases of disciplinary actions or poor performance

- Responsible for coordinating the trolley and flambé service on each table demonstrating to the passengers his/ her ability to cook, carve and flambé

- Directly responsible for checking the flambé trolley, cheese trolley and controlling the daily inventory of linen, china and silverware

- Must posses a solid knowledge of all menu items and be able to describe them to passengers, suggesting various courses

- The Chef de Rang follows company guidelines regarding uniforms and personal hygiene and ensures that the assigned work station is clean and sanitized according to the cruise line standards and USPH and/or UKPH rules

- Pays a close attention to passengers needs and reports their special requests or complaints to the Assistant Maitre D' - Specialty Restaurant

Chef de Rang - Specialty Restaurant Job Requirements:


  • Formal hospitality training - a diploma from a recognised hotel school/ university or international equivalent is preferred

  • Minimum of 2-3 years previous experience in a food service and preparation field in an upscale restaurant, hotel or resort

  • Cruise ship experience is preferred

  • Culinary and wine knowledge as well as experience in silver service

  • Excellent communication skills and good command of the English language, knowledge of additional languages is a plus

  • Strong managerial skills and ability to work in a multicultural environment

Chef de Rang - Specialty Restaurant Salary Range:

$3200-4500 U.S. per month depending on the cruise line, size of ship, commission and gratuities from passengers. Strong possibilities for promotion to Assistant Restaurant Manager position.


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