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Carpenter Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship carpenters


The Carpenter is a member of the Deck Department and is responsible for all carpentry work and various woodwork and general repairs aboard the cruise ship during the voyage. One of the Carpenters is appointed as a Chief Carpenter and delegates tasks and responsibilities to the less experienced members of the team while providing on-the-job training

- Reports to the Staff Captain

- Responsible for the maintenance and repairs of furniture of guests and crew accommodations, public areas, bars, theater, lounges, restaurants, bars and all other venues throughout the ship

- Participates in the mooring activities during arrival and departure of the vessel when needed

- Participates in the daily activities of the deck department and briefs the Staff Captain on projects and tasks that are being carried out aboard the vessel

- Responsible for the proper operation of the carpenter shop, equipment, inventory and consumables

- Carries out safety related duties and responds to any emergency that requires participation

- Attends department meetings and works in collaboration with the heads of the various departments which may require carpentry work

- Participates in safety drills

Cruise Ship Carpenter Job Requirements:

  • Minimum of two years professional experience as a skilled Carpenter

  • Candidates for a Chief Carpenter position must have previous experience aboard a cruise ship in a role of Carpenter or Assistant Carpenter

  • Hotel/resort maintenance experience is preferred

  • Good command of the English language

  • Proficiency in other language(s) is a plus

Carpenter (Joiner) Salary Range:

$1700 to 3200 U.S. per month depending on the cruise line, rank and time served with the company.


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