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Barber Job Description and Duties:

Cruise ship barber shop

- Reports to the ship's Beauty Salon / Spa Manager and Asst. Manager

- Offers cutting edge services to the fastest growing clientele aboard cruise vessels - men

- Exciting new role for the experienced barber

- Performs gents hair cutting

- Offers dynamic menís facials to smooth and re-energise the skin and soften the beard

- Performs two shaves to provide the closest shave possible

- Relaxing face and scalp massage treatments

- Cuts hair using barbering techniques

- Styles hair using drying and setting techniques

- Shampoos and conditions hair and scalp

- Changes hair colour using basic techniques

- Perms and neutralises hair

- Dries hair into shape and creates a finished look

Cruise Ship Barber Job Requirements:

  • North American candidates for barber position must hold a license in Cosmetology or Hairdressing

  • European candidates - Cidesco, Itec, Inter clinitique, ROC, or IA College. National diplomas with minimum 2 years long education are also accepted, with the following subjects included in the studies: face cleansing therapy, face electrical treatments, electrical body treatments, manicure, pedicure and full body massage

  • Candidates from Australia and New Zealand must have Cert 3, or equivalent qualification

  • South African candidates must posses Level 2 NVQ Certificate or equivalent

  • Candidates from all other countries must have a good command of the English language, similar qualification and equivalent national certifications

Barber Salary Range:

$2200 - 4000 U.S. per month depending on gratuities, comission on sales, size and itineraries of the cruise ship. Possibilities for promotion to Assistant Beauty Salon/ Spa Manager position.


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