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Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line launched in 2015 to replace Celebration Cruise Line when its only ship, Bahamas Celebration, was damaged and replaced by Grand Celebration. The new company retains the same staff as the previous one, though it has some different financial partners. Grand Celebration is now the only ship that regularly sails from the Port of Palm Beach, offering two-night cruises to Grand Bahama Island. It's an attractive option for those who don't want to make the trek down to Miami for a short voyage.

Grand Celebration was first built in 1986 for Carnival Cruise Lines (as Carnival Celebration) and retired from the line in 2008. Following a refurbishment, it began sailing under Iberocruceros, but it maintained the signature Carnival split funnel (albeit with a new paint job). In 2014, ownership was transferred to Costa Cruises. The ship underwent another refurbishment and was slated to join the Costa fleet, but it was bought shortly afterward by Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line and began sailing under the new company as its sole ship in February 2015. The vessel has nine public decks (10 total) and 751 passenger cabins.


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Grand Celebration: Bahamas registered; built 1987; 47,262 gross tons; 1,896 passengers; 670 crew members.
Itineraries: Two-night cruises to Grand Bahama Island out of Palm Beach, FL.
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