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Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK) is one of the biggest shipping companies in the world and the largest in Japan. Based in Japan, NYK was an owner and a parent company of Crystal Cruises - one of the world's benchmarks of luxury cruising. In March 2015, NYK announced that it was selling Crystal Cruises to Genting Hong Kong (GHK), the owner of Star Cruises and a major shareholder in Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings.

After the Second World War NYK stopped operating passenger ships and concentrated on runing various types of cargo ships. The company returned to passenger vessels in 1988 when they began setting up the Los Angeles based Crystal Cruises. Initially Crystal Cruises operated two ships - Crystal Harmony and Crystal Sympony, later the fleet was joined by Crystal Serenity. In the same time NYK operated in Japan one cruise ship under their original brand NYK Cruises - the MS Asuka. Asuka catered mostly to Japanese clientele and offered cruises out of the port of Yokohama and around the world voyages, as well. Later the MS Asuka was aquired by the Germany based Phoenix Reisen Cruises and currently is a part of their fleet under the name of Amadea. On the other hand Crystal Cruises' Crystal Harmony was transferred to the parent company NYK Cruises in 2006 and was renamed Asuka II. She assumed the routes of the original Asuka and operates cruises out of Yokohama to various ports in Japan, the Philippines and around the world cruises.

Cruise ship and itineraries:

Asuka II (formerly Crystal Harmony of Crystal Cruises): Japan registered; built 1990; 49,400 gross tons; 960 guests, 545 crew members.
Itineraries: Various Japanese ports out of Yokohama - Japan; South Korea/Russian Pacific Coast out of Yokohama - Japan; Hong Kong/Southeast Asia/Australia out of Yokohama - Japan; Around the world cruise out of Yokohama - Japan.
  Asuka 2 cruise ship

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