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A panoramic photo taken by a Royal Caribbean crew member from Paradise Point, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

A Royal Caribbean crew member has taken this photo from Paradise Point, accessible by a modern cable car. The ride itself is the one of the best sightseeing in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The trip is just 7 minutes one way and takes you up to 700 Feet above sea level. The cable car station is just minutes walk from the cruise ship pier. Enjoy panoramic views of cruise ships, the harbor with its sailboats and seaplanes, downtown Charlotte Amalie, and the neighboring islands. In general St. Thomas is a very nice port of call for a Caribbean itinerary. Lots of shops and a Crew Calling Station with Internet access are available right at the pier. There are several excellent beaches - Coki Beach and Magens Bay tend to be most popular (and most crowded). Crew members unlike the passengers visit the island on regular basis and most prefer Sapphire Beach - to the right is a reef and the snorkeling is fantastic. To the left is sea grass and snorkeling - you may see some of the sea turtles that frequent this beach. Swim out to the point on the right (if you are a good swimmer) and you will see some fascinating coral and numerous varieties of fish. There is a sandy place for swimming. A collective taxi is the best and cheapest method of transport to Sapphire Beach. Vans run from the ship on regular basis. Make sure that you ask for the return timetable.

In case you have a day off and the ship is staying in St. Thomas the whole day, the best thing to do is to visit the neighboring island of St. Jones. The entire island is a national park and no development is permitted. Some of the most popular beaches in the Caribbean are located along the island's north shore. The most spectacular and well-known of these is Trunk Bay, which has consistently been voted one of the "Ten Best Beaches in The World". Go to St. John only if you have a day off or you do not work while the ship is in port. Check the ferry schedule and make sure you will be back to ship on time.