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Hired Cruise Job Seekers Photos - Ship Photographer aboard Celebrity Cruises Millennium

Ship Photographers aboard Celebrity Millennium. Celebrity Cruises does not run their own "in-house" photo department, photographers are supplied entirely by a concession. 

Cruise ship photography jobs descriptions, duties, requirements and salary ranges

Benefits you gain while working as a Photographer:

• Earn tax-free, commission-based wages while living onboard rent-free
• No cost for food or lodging onboard
• 100% medical coverage during your contract
• Learn new skills like the latest innovations in digital photography Attend a 5-day orientation prior to going onboard your first vessel
• Enjoy higher earning potentials than with salary-based positions
• Receive ongoing training during your career at our purpose-built training facility Build your portfolio with photographs from the four corners of the world
• Gain professional experience in the social photography business
• Broaden your mind by working with a diverse team of people from different cultures
• Experience fantastic travel opportunities - USA, Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Mediterranean, Alaska, The Far East and even Antarctica!

For a lot of people being a Photographer aboard a cruise ship is a very rewarding experience - working in a tightly integrated team, working in exotic locations and earning a rewarding salary. Working onboard as a ship's photographer is more than just a job - it's a lifestyle.