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Hired cruise job seekers photos - Windstar Cruises crew member on the beach in St. Lucia

Photo of Windstar Cruises crew member enjoying the beach in Saint Lucia with the tall ship seen in the background.

Windstar Cruises operates a fleet of three modern computer-controlled sails cruise ships, designated as motor sailing yachts - MSY Wind Spirit, MSY Wind Star and MSY Wind Surf. These are high-end cruise vessels are targeting upscale and somewhat younger passengers. Compared to Star Clippers' "real" tall ships, they are closer to mainstream cruising, offer more luxury and comfort, but less thrill and adventure.

The company was established as Windstar Sail Cruises in 1984, later in 1988 was aquired by Holland America Line, but Holland America became part of Carnival Corporation in 1989 and Carnival sold Windstar to Carnival sold Windstar to Ambassadors International in 2007. At present the parent company of Windstar Cruises is Xanterra Parks and Resorts.

Considering the small number of ships and number of crew aboard each vessel, it is a great luck to obtain employment with Windstar Cruises.