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A nice photo of a female Bartender aboard Celebrity Cruises ships. Hired cruise job seekers photo album

Here is a Celebrity Cruises Bartender from the Philippines. What does it take to become a Bartender aboard a cruise ship?

Bartender Job description, requirements and salary range

Provide superior bar service to guests. You will be dealing with people from many different cultures, so additional language(s) is a plus. Depending on your level of experience, you may start as an Assistant Bartender and work your way up (in some cases even during the first contract Asst. Bartenders get promoted to Bartenders). It all depends on your abilities, attitude, level of service and passengers satisfaction. The path for career advance does not end with this positions. A hard working dedicated Bartender who possesses the required team building  and managerial skills could become a Head Bartender, Asst. Bar Manager and all the way up to Beverage Director. This, of course will take several contracts aboard cruise vessels.