German Speaking Social Host/Hostess


German Social host/hostess is an entry-level position that is very intense in the hours and responsibilities onboard. Some of the responsibilities of the Social Host/ess aboard a multilingual cruise ship includes to be the person all his/her mother tongue-speaking guests get in touch with for any comments or questions regarding their cruise.

The host/ess has to receive his/her guests in the terminal during embarkation, and once they embarked give a welcome speech and "travel talk" in a theater - usually for hundreds of guests a week. He/she also has to correct any texts within the daily program in his/her mother tongue and help with any necessary translations on printed or voice announcements aboard.

Additionally, hosts are part of the farewell disembarkation process and undertake other responsibilities as directed by the cruise director department. The Host/ess has to be always presentable and visible and be able to socialize with all guests onboard, at evenings and constantly when the ship is at sea.


This job has expired, so you are not able to apply for it