Principal Art Auctioneer


The Art Auctioneer is the Department Head of the shipboard art program and is ultimately held accountable for the art program’s success. They engage in promotion, direct selling, and platform sales through live auctioning, and generate revenue through the sale of Park West Gallery artwork onboard their assigned ship. All events including auctions, exhibitions, and seminars, are planned and carried out under the Auctioneer’s guidance. The Auctioneer delegates responsibilities to their Art Preparator, Art Associates, and Gallery Director as they see fit.

Auctioneers are chosen from the pool of Gallery Directors who consistently achieve high performance ratings and sales successes while onboard vessels around the world. Auctioneers possess the following qualifications:

• Represent Park West Gallery with utmost integrity and professionalism at all times
• Ability to be accountable and responsible for all sales activities related to art provided by Park West Gallery onboard assigned ship, and exhibit professional selling skills
• Full understanding and knowledge of all works of art onboard their vessel; ability to educate guests on these works
• Possess extensive knowledge of artistic mediums, artist biographies, and art history
• Ability to oversee all logistical and financial aspects of the onboard program

Job functions of the Art Auctioneer include, but are not limited to:

• Conducting auctions in an enthusiastic and entertaining fashion
• Managing an international staff in a professional and motivational manner, much like an entrepreneur or small business owner, and empowering their team to achieve results greater than those of one person
• Maintaining relationships with shipboard & shore-side management, and functioning as the “point person” for the art program onboard
• Cultivating business relationships with other shipboard concessionaires
• Continually strategizing and improving programming
• Participating in all required safety training courses and performs any other job-related duties requested by shipboard management
• Designing and presenting educational seminars highlighting artwork, artists and/or art history
• Creating and executing an effective marketing plan and gearing all activities toward the implementation of this plan
• Accurately documenting all sales transactions for each voyage and transmitting client invoices to Park West Gallery
• Completing all appropriate documentation in accordance with shipboard/corporate regulations
• Receiving and offloading art inventory, and maintaining accurate records of all inventory transactions
• Managing appearance of gallery and art displays throughout ship and ensuring all gallery functions are conducted within appropriate guidelines as per cruise line and Park West Gallery guidelines

Art Auctioneers are appointed by shore-side management and selected from upper echelon Art Associates and Gallery Directors. Selection is based on demonstrated experience, acquired skills, and recommendations from mentoring auctioneers. An Auctioneer’s effectiveness is evaluated through the following:

• Sales goals achieved week-over-week
• Feedback solicited from Associates and Gallery Directors relating to the Auctioneer’s professionalism as a manager
• Critique of shipboard auctions by the company’s compliance department
• Feedback received from shipboard management
• Feedback received from the Auctioneer’s clients post-cruise


Accommodations and meals onboard are provided. The Auctioneer’s pay is entirely commission-based, however there are guaranteed minimums in place and it is common for an Auctioneer’s yearly pay to be six figures. Commissions are paid on net revenue and rates are paid with respect to the achievement of each ship’s goals.

CSS covers costs to an approved budget designed to properly operate the art program. Auctioneers may, at their own discretion, sometimes exceed the budget (typically on high revenue cruises) and may incur expenses. These are typically more than offset by increased net earnings.

There are additional advancement and management opportunities available to Principal Auctioneers with a proven track record in running a successful onboard Art Program.


General Requirements:

• Passport: Everyone working at sea must maintain an up-to-date passport valid at least through the end of one 6 month contract.
• Visas: United States citizens and Canadians are not required to obtain any visas. Candidates from other countries are responsible for securing any visas required by the itinerary and/or cruise line. This requirement also includes a C1/D visa to travel in and out of the United States.
• Medical Exam: All members of the art team must complete a medical exam and be declared fit for duty by a physician. Each cruise line maintains a list of required medical exam documents. All art team members must bring this medical paperwork onboard the ship with them.
• Background Check: Park West Gallery requires each independent contractor to undergo a full background check. This investigation will include both employment and criminal background investigations.
• Drug Screening: Park West Gallery also requires each independent contractor to undergo a full drug screening. Any individual that tests positive for any illegal substances will not be eligible to represent Park West on board the ship.

Language Requirements:

• Ability to speak English clearly, distinctly, and cordially with guests.
• Ability to read and write English in order to understand and interpret written procedures. Must be able to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms to present information and respond to questions from guests, supervisors and co-workers.
• Other language skills such as fluency in Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Mandarin or Japanese are preferred, but not required.

Physical Requirements:

• Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to adjust focus.
• You must be physically able to participate in emergency life saving procedures and drills.
• Full use and range of arms and legs as well as full visual, verbal and hearing abilities are required to follow instructions in the event of an emergency including the lowering of lifeboats.
• Ability to lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.