Art Sales Associate


Art Associates work directly with the Art Auctioneer and Gallery Director in developing, maintaining, and executing the art program onboard as part of a team effort. Daily job functions range from marketing to administrative to sales. An Art Associate’s primary function is to market the onboard art program, support the Art Auctioneer and team, perform sales, and arrange gallery and auction displays, all while maintaining a positive attitude and enthusiastic work ethic.

Art Associates are selected from a variety of backgrounds and countries worldwide. The strongest candidates are chosen based on a number of personal and professional characteristics:

• Personable demeanor and professional appearance
• Extremely outgoing, full of energy and enthusiastic
• Coachable, with a willingness and desire to learn
• Ability to exercise extreme flexibility and work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
• Aptitude in performing basic work functions via computer

Job functions of the Art Associate include, but are not limited to:

• Assisting with auction preparations, including artwork curation and room setup
• Setting up displays in high-traffic areas to market our onboard gallery, and to generate awareness and interest among guests
• Initiating and engaging in consultative conversations with guests, educating them about our artwork, determining level of interest, and developing leads
• Ability to assist in, or independently manage, the full sales process with aforementioned leads
• Creating invoices for our clients via computer and making payment and shipment arrangements
• Working the front desk at our gallery or art displays
• Ensuring that every guest event or interaction generates gallery traffic and furthers interest in our art auctions
• Developing and maintaining a promotional mindset: constantly marketing the artwork, our gallery and yourself
• Working with the team to devise marketing strategies, and executing these marketing strategies
• Presenting a professional demeanor and appearance at all times

Art Associates are given real-time feedback daily, and are formally evaluated once per month by their Principal Auctioneer. Within the Associate role, there are regular promotions. For the first 90 days of time worked onboard, Art Associates are at Level 1. After 90 days of time worked onboard, Level 1 Art Associates are eligible to advance to Level 2. After an additional 90 days (180 days total) of time worked onboard, Level 2 Art Associates are eligible to advance to Level 3.

For ambitious candidates, the Associate position should ultimately be viewed as training for Gallery Director and/or Art Auctioneer. Additional honing of art history knowledge, product knowledge, auctioneering and selling skills, as well as an ability and desire to take on additional responsibility, can lead to promotion. Once the Art Associate has consistently demonstrated mastery of each of the aforementioned tasks, they will be considered by shoreside management for promotion to the Gallery Director position. The time it takes an Art Associate to advance to Art Auctioneer or Gallery Director varies depending on ability and performance. Some Art Associates advance in as little as a few months, whereas some may remain in the Art Associate position for several contracts while developing the necessary skills to effectively manage the art program on a cruise ship.


Accommodations and meals onboard are provided, as well as travel to and from ship assignments.

Art Associates at Level 1 earn a weekly guaranteed base pay. Art Associates at Level 2 and Level 3 earn the same weekly guaranteed based pay in addition to commission commensurate with team sales performance.


General Requirements:

• Passport: Everyone working at sea must maintain an up-to-date passport valid at least through the end of one 6 month contract.
• Visas: United States citizens and Canadians are not required to obtain any visas. Candidates from other countries are responsible for securing any visas required by the itinerary and/or cruise line. This requirement also includes a C1/D visa to travel in and out of the United States.
• Medical Exam: All members of the art team must complete a medical exam and be declared fit for duty by a physician. Each cruise line maintains a list of required medical exam documents. All art team members must bring this medical paperwork onboard the ship with them.
• Background Check: Park West Gallery requires each independent contractor to undergo a full background check. This investigation will include both employment and criminal background investigations.
• Drug Screening: Park West Gallery also requires each independent contractor to undergo a full drug screening. Any individual that tests positive for any illegal substances will not be eligible to represent Park West on board the ship.

Language Requirements:

• Ability to speak English clearly, distinctly, and cordially with guests.
• Ability to read and write English in order to understand and interpret written procedures. Must be able to give and receive instructions in written and verbal forms to present information and respond to questions from guests, supervisors and co-workers.
• Other language skills such as fluency in Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Mandarin or Japanese are preferred, but not required.

Physical Requirements:
• Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to adjust focus.
• You must be physically able to participate in emergency life saving procedures and drills.
• Full use and range of arms and legs as well as full visual, verbal and hearing abilities are required to follow instructions in the event of an emergency including the lowering of lifeboats.
• Ability to lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.