Entertainment (Cruise) Staff - Canadian and US residents


- Hosts coordinates and participates in all adult shipboard recreational, entertainment and social activities

- Participates in guest embarkation and disembarkation procedures by disseminating information and directing guests to staterooms as scheduled by the Assistant Cruise Director

- Seeks out guest contact displaying enthusiasm and boundless amounts of energy and socializes with guests in public areas and lounges throughout the ship

- Acts as an assistant emcee (master of ceremonies) to inform and entertain small and large groups of guests during special events and shows such as Welcome Aboard Show, Captain's Cocktail Party, Guests' Talent Show, Theme Nights etc.

- Attends door greets, welcomes guests entering and exiting the theater for evening shows

- Participates in guests' safety drills, demonstrating the proper use of life jackets and other safety related equipment

- Provides information and directions to guests on and off the gangways of the ship during visits to various ports of call

- Participates in the organization and coordination of all Bingo game activities aboard the ship including inventory, promotion, selling of cards, hosting under the guidance and supervision of the Cruise Director and Asst. Cruise Director



Ability to capture and manage the attention of a large group of people using effective and courteous microphone techniques.

Completion of high school or basic education equivalency.

One to two years master of ceremonies or professional entertainment (theatre, music, dance, comedy, etc.) experience with resorts, cruise lines, entertainment or recreational industries is preferred.

Excellent verbal and written command of the English language, knowledge of another language(s) is a plus.