Chief Housekeeper


This position is instrumental in the housekeeping department, as this person will direct the overall function of the department.  Potential employees must have at least 5 years of related management experience in a four or five star resort, hotel or cruise line. Responsibilities include (but are not limited to): 
- Overseeing the assignment of duties, responsibilities and workstations to your staff

- Observing and evaluating staff and work procedures
- Approving personnel actions to ensure proper staffing
- Reviewing outside audit findings and performing regular self-audits
- Investigating and resolving housekeeping quality and service complaints
- Reviewing financial transactions and managing staff to ensure expenditures stay within budget limitations
- Constantly reviewing current operating procedures for revenue-enhancement opportunities
- Mentoring, developing and providing on-the-job training to subordinates to strengthen their current performance and preparation for future advancement


Qualifications Hiring Requirements:

- 5 - 7 years housekeeping managerial experience in an upscale hotel, resort or cruise line (shipboard experience preferred)
- Demonstrated aptitude for the financial aspects of a housekeeping operation, including the successful identification of expense reduction through cost control
- Bachelor's degree preferred in hospitality management, business administration or related field from an accredited college or university or the international equivalent
- Be able to fluently speak, read, and write English