Audio Technician


Job Description & Responsibilities

As Ship’s Entertainment Audio Technician you will be responsible for:

Operation, maintenance and repair of the main lounge audio system, including PA control, stage monitoring, amplification and instrument and vocal reinforcement. You will mix to the best of your professional ability with the highest overall sound quality and “life” as your goal. It is understood that “life” of the mix is foremost, and that you are making qualitative decisions based on the needs of the performance to ensure its viability.

You will provide knowledge and assistance to staff working in other venues in other audio installations across the ship;

You will maintain and repair, and administer the repair of the equipment that you operate.

You will maintain an inventory of equipment used for audio. This inventory will be signed over to you by the departing Audio Engineer, and on acknowledgement of receipt, you take full responsibility for it. Items sent for repair will be subtracted from inventory and items returned during your employment will be officially added to inventory. At the end of your employment, inventory will be checked and signed over to your replacement.

You will advise and coordinate any additional audio needs of Charters and groups.

You will assist in the assembly and strike of production scenery as instructed by the Entertainment Technical Manager.

You will practice the highest level of safety awareness and follow all guidelines set forward by Holland America Line.


- Solid previous experience in this role
- Fluency in English