Hotel Controller


The Hotel Controller would perform reconciliation of sales on a daily basis in all revenue outlets aboard the cruise ship, spot checking all outlets for accuracy of prices charged and invoices raised. He/ she is responsible for the accounting and accurate dispersal of gratuities and commission to crew members from all departments and divisions on board the cruise ship. The Hotel Controller maintains a cashbook, recording all cash purchases receipts, spot-checks on a regular basis the accuracy of all inventories taken by the ship's storekeeper in the Food and Beverage storage facilities as well as equipment, consumables and items in circulation.

The Hotel Controller must approve all purchases in local ports before they are made and ensures that all requisitions and invoices related to purchases of items for use on board the cruise ship are input in the stock control system. He/ she is responsible for submitting a copy of the daily revenue report and food cost report to the ship's Hotel Director as well as for sending to the cruise line head office a daily budget report