Automation Technician


Job Description & Responsibilities:

As the Entertainment Automation, you will be primarily responsible for operating the Main Show lounge Automation system. As AT your first and primary responsibility is for the safety and well-being of all performers, staff and personnel who come within proximity of the show lounge automated scenery. It is understood that at no time will you act in any manner to compromise the safety of your area and equipment. It is further understood that at no time would you undertake any exercise, procedure or operation for which you were not fully trained, competent and confident of the positive outcome. You will remove from service any equipment deemed unsafe by yourself or the Entertainment Technical Manager.

Your duties and responsibilities will include:

Safe operation of automation machinery on the stage and house of the main lounge for all performances, rehearsals and work calls.

Unexpected repair and maintenance, and administration of repairs and maintenance on the automation system.

Regular maintenance as outlined in the system operator’s manual.

Maintenance of automation operating logbooks.

Daily testing of the Emergency Stop system, and maintenance of the log indicating which tests have been conducted.

Inspection, repair and maintenance of automated scenery provided by outside vendors.

Lead the stage crew and staff in safe assembly and strike of production scenery.

Maintain an inventory of all automated equipment used. Equipment will be signed over to you at the beginning of your contract and in turn signed over to your replacement. Items sent off for repair will be officially subtracted from inventory, and items returned will be officially added back.

Maintain an inventory of all tools and lifting apparatus including ropes, cables, compression swages, span-sets, chains, shackles, turn-buckles, quick links, carabineers, and any other equipment used for overhead lifting. This inventory will be made available to the Chief Officer for inspection by Austin McLean and any other designated inspection entity. The equipment will be kept in a clean orderly fashion, and any equipment showing wear or damage will be retired immediately, and noted in the inventory.

Maintain safety consciousness in the stage environment through knowledge of company policies as outlined in MR600

Ensure that items in storage are safely secured against movement of the ship.

Ensure that the piano, and other heavy objects are secured against movement of the ship in accordance with company policy.


- Solid previous experience in this role
- Fluency in English