Photographer (m/f)


The ship’s Photographer is responsible for shooting photographs to the required standards,  processing all photographs taken by Photographers onboard and Passengers and selling photographs and other photo items to Passengers. This position requires the timely execution of duties on a regular routine governed by a daily schedule posted by the Photo Manager. Unsupervised work will require a high degree of accurate and proactive thinking and decision making.

Employees in the Photography Department have a very high degree of interaction and visibility with both Passengers and other crew members. Effective and efficient communications skills and the ability to interact with people of various nationalities and cultures are essential.

Equipment Operation – The equipment this position uses that requires extensive knowledge
and skill for usage.


Job requirements
The knowledge of the following photo equipment is requested: Konica R-1, QD-21Plus, QD-21 Super, 878 and 808 Minilab systems.  Konica KP-50, KP-46, KP32 Film processors.  Nikon, D-1x, D-1h, D-100, FM3a & FM2n Cameras.  Nikon and SunPak Flash systems.  Bogen/Calumet studio flash systems and related accessories. IBM computer systems with HPDesignJet 5000PS wide-bed printers, drafting tablets & graphics applications. Computer networks and related equipment.

Strong computer skills, proficient in Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Freehand or similar types of Programs. Digital cameras (professional grade) Studio lighting, state of the art Digital Photo Lab equipment operation and maintenance. Graphic design and sales experience are considered a plus.<

Prefer at least a two year college certificate in Photography and/or related field.

Two years of experience in 35mm color photography and digital photography, including all aspects of shooting, developing and processing, preferably on a mini-lab. Weddings, Events & People Photography experience a plus. Strong customer service and communication skills are required. Prior employment in a high volume Mini-Lab and sales environment is a plus. Must have strong computer skills.

Experience in quality establishments and good knowledge of English are essential.