Retail Sales Managers


The size of our stores varies greatly, whilst some ships have an outlet with one manager only, our larger ships can have more than 16 outlets with teams of 30+ staff. Similar to high street companies our retail managers oversee the sales, operations, personnel and merchandising of our stores.

They train, counsel and motivate staff. They're responsible for planning and marketing promotional events, inventories and all administrative functions. And they process shipments, display all merchandise based on presentation guidelines, implement visual direction and replenish & order merchandise.

Retail management experience as well as experience of working at sea in a retail management position is a MUST!

We are always on the look out for Managers of the future in particular as our management team is 99% home grown. It’s not just managers we recruit for, but Trainee’s as well - people who are confident in leading a team and with the potential to move into management. They are real problem solvers, decision makers and relationship builders with a focus very much on customer service. Retail supervisory experience is required.