Entertainment Technical Manager


Job Description & Responsibilities:

- Supervise the Entertainment technical staff and crew

- Be present at, and act as stage manager for all main show lounge performances

- Act as the main point of contact for safety practices and training for the entertainment dept

- Conduct safety tours, briefings and tool box discussions for all staff and performers

- Work with the Event Manager to meet the staffing needs of department activities

- Keep a weekly schedule of Entertainment dept. technical activities publish and assign staff accordingly

- Coordinate with security for over-hire of stage hands

- Supervise all Entertainment dept. technical activities to ensure they are carried out safely and to published HAL procedures and guidelines

- Coordinate repairs of Entertainment dept. equipment

- Maintain consumables inventory

- Coordinate staffing and equipment needs for charters and special groups

- Call all automation cues for production shows

- Maintain prompt book, cue sheets, and all recorded information necessary to operation of production and guest entertainment shows

- Run rehearsals for production shows and guest entertainer shows

- Maintain necessary documents and certificates for the stage and entertainment areas

- File a weekly report for the corporate office

- Participate in performance evaluation of Entertainment technical staff


- Solid previous experience in this role
- Fluency in English