Sports Director


Primary Function: The primary role of the Sports Director is to provide a safe, fun and organized Sports Deck for the enjoyment of our guests. This position will focus primarily on the organization and scheduling of sports activities, along with providing the proper maintenance and care for all equipment on said deck.<br />

Position Overview:<
- Understanding of all sports, games and equipment offered onboard. Must also have in-depth knowledge of all rules associated with such.
- Ability to organize as well as referee sports and games such as but not limited to basket ball, soccer, volley ball, dodge ball, bean bag toss, ping pong, mini golf, pool, and chess
- Take charge of and organize group competitions and events.
- Must be pleasant and helpful while ensuring that all safety procedures are being adhered to.
- Work with Youth Director to coordinate and schedule events for the youth program.
- Responsible for scheduling and coordinating various departments to operate the SkyCourse.
- Work closely with Housekeeping, Bar, and the Guest Services Technician for routine maintenance of the SkyCourse.
- Oversee all equipment on Sports Deck and create orders for any repairs or replacements.
- Strong written and verbal communication skills. Responsible for the completion of proper office work.
- Excellent leadership and organizational skills as you will work together with other departments.
- Responsible for maintaining equipment, high safety standards, and ensuring all staff working the Sports deck are properly trained in all aspects of the product.

Safety is the most important aspect of this job.
Understanding of all aspects of safety equipment and be continuously mindful of guest and crew safety during all activities conducted in the sports areas.
This includes.
- Picking up any items lying on the ground, including but not limited to sports equipment, towels, cups, plates etc.
- Moving or replacing furniture that has been moved by guests.
- Notify Housekeeping of spills, wet floors or surfaces.
- Daily check of the SkyCourse and all safety equipment.
- Assuring guests conduct themselves in a reasonable manor and stop any unsafe behavior.
- Making sure all equipment is stored properly.
- Responsible for placing the calls to close parts or all of the Sports Deck if weather or safety issues deem it necessary.

SkyCourse Training:
- The Sports Director needs to hold an ?Operator Trainer? certificate from RCI (Ropes Courses Incorporated).
- The sports director is in charge of on board training for the SkyCourse. This is ongoing training as there due to contract lengths and department.
- You will need to train staff from the Youth, Entertainment, Housekeeping and Bar Departments.
- The Sports Director decides who is ?right for the job?. Some departments have a high turnover rate through the SkyCourse therefore training is a large portion of this position. The selection of the crew/staff assigned to the Sky Course is extremely important.
- Staff members assigned to the SkyCourse will be in charge of guest safety in a direct manner.

Office and Paperwork:
- Coordinate scheduling via email with various departments.
- Maintain records of SkyCourse daily tracking, daily opening checklists, maintenance reports, and all training paperwork.
- Manage schedules in order to ensure there are no conflicting events.
- Maintain full inventories of all the equipment and notify those necessary for any replacements. (Be proactive and place orders before they are critically needed).

- Clear understanding of all sports equipment on board including the fitness equipment.
- All equipment must be continuously checked to ensure top guest satisfaction and safety.
- The SkyCourse equipment is one of the most important and must be thoroughly inspected. Sports Director is in charge of checking all safety aspects of the SkyCourse equipment. Proper storage and maintenance (cleaning) is required when necessary.
- All basket balls, volley balls and soccer balls will need to be checked for damage and proper air pressure every day.
- Work with the Sports Bar Staff in ordeer to ensure the foosball, pool and ping pong tables are stocked (Must be done several times a day).
- Ensure that mini golf area is in proper order, always stocked with golf balls, and tidy. This area is always busy therefore this equipment must constantly be checked.