Show Band Musician


Each Carnival vessels features an eight- to 10-piece show band which provides music for the ships production shows and featured entertainers, as well as dance music. Carnival seeks experienced, well-rounded musicians with a high level or proficiency on their chosen instrument. Strong sight reading skills and the ability to assimilate and perform a wide variety of diverse musical styles quickly are essential. Experience in a medium- or large-sized musical ensemble, and studies at a college level music program or equivalent experience helpful, but not mandatory.

Specific requirements for each position are below:

* Alto Saxophone - must double on flute and clarinet, ability to improvise preferred

* Tenor Saxophone - must double on flute and clarinet, and be a proficient improviser. Baritone Saxophone-no doubles required

* Trumpet 1 - must have a range to high G; ability to improvise preferred

* Trumpet 2 - must have a range to high E, and be a proficient improviser

* Trombone - tenor trombone with range to A; ability to improvise preferred

* Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums - all rhythm section members need to have excellent reading and interpretive skills. Rhythm players should be able to read a variety of different styles of charts, and be familiar with a broad range of jazz and contemporary musical styles.