Piano Bar Entertainer


Carnival's piano bar entertainers are highly interactive, and focused on guest satisfaction. While being able to cater to a wide range of guest demographics, the majority of our guests who frequent the piano bar are in their mid 20s through mid 50s. The piano bar entertainers that are most successful on our line have a repertoire from contemporary artists such as Billy Joel, Elton John, The Eagles, The Beatles, Jimmy Buffet, and James Taylor, just to name a few.

Additionally, contemporary country, sing-a-long favorites, and one-hit wonders from the 1950's through the present all work well in our piano bars. Please note that piano entertainers whose repertoire consists primarily of show tunes, cabaret music, and jazz standards are really not what we are looking for.

Prospective piano bar entertainers should submit a recording, either in audio or video form, as well as a current photograph and resume. The demo should be long enough to show both the piano player's ability and the range of styles that they can cover.