Audio/Video Media Staff


IMPORTANT TO KNOW FIRST - This position is a live onboard position. It is very important that applicants understand that if hired, our staff lives and works onboard a company Cruise ship for 6 to 8 months. After the 6 to 8 months contract, there is approximately 2 months off, non-paid, extensions and shorter time between contracts is up to the Staff and Management. There are no weekends off as in some typical land-based positions. Correspondence with family and friends is via e-mail, postal mail and limited telephone calls with a prepaid phone card (US Cell Phones can be used in certain Caribbean ports). Staff members share a cabin with one other crew member, usually another A/V Staff, however the time spent in the cabin is little due to the fact that most staff would rather be out and about the ship during time off from work. The A/V Manager makes a work schedule for the team, and everyone gets their free time as required by maritime law. During free time on board, staff members are required to adhere to a dress & behavior code. Common sense can easily be a guide for these situations.

Associate Degree in Video Production or equivalent experience; excellent shooting and editing skills; knowledge of editing systems/programs; friendly, professional attitude; willingness to learn; excellent written and verbal skills. The Video Services Staff is expected to act professionally and must adhere to all shipboard rules and regulations as well as the shipboard dress code. Applicants must be in good physical condition and must be physically able to lift and/or move up to 75 pounds.


A/V Media Staff are responsible for the production of weekly video products including "Ship DVD", weddings, corporate projects, etc. Shipboard equipment encompass: DPS Velocity editing system, Sony 250, 390 and 500 DVCAM video cameras and DCR-PC 120, 330 and 350 Mini DV cameras with underwater housing, Leightronix scheduling software, Power Point software, Imerge Music System, Parkervision Robotic Cameras, Panasonic Switcher, Spirit LX7 audio board and more. In addition to the shooting and editing, A/V Staff Members are responsible for the maintenance of all A/V equipment onboard the vessel. This includes plasma screens, CCTV and robotic video cameras, VCRS & DVD players, background music systems, video projectors & production show video segments, just to name a few. There is a lot of responsibility for each member of the onboard team, which creates a close knit team environment. Shooting onboard and during shore excursions is the perfect way for a recent college graduate to hone his or her shooting skills as well as the opportunity to learn new and advanced systems like the Leitch Velocity NLE and AMX Intelligent Control. We will train on TVRO satellite operation and interactive TV systems.


In order to be hired, the applicant must fill out the following: (Provided by the cruise line after completion of interview)

- Release for criminal background check
- Forms for physical examination (required) [Expenses range from $350.00 and up depending on individual insurance situations and/or geographical location, applicant will be responsible for this expense which is not reimbursed]
- The cruise line will provide staff with 5 uniform shirts, shorts and hat as required by uniform code. The shirts are similar to Polo-style collared shirts.

New Hires are responsible for the following:

- Khaki pants/ black shoes/ personal items.
- Formal Tux or Suit for initial use. The company will provide one for work, but it takes a few weeks to order. Once a tux is issued, personal formal wear is required for use during time off in public places onboard the vessel during formal night.
First flight to the company HQ in Miami is the responsibility of the newly hired.


- Every company employee has full medical coverage while on contract.
- There is a Doctor and medical team onboard with office hours available to guests and crew. If a medical emergency or special need arises while onboard, staff members will be transported to the nearest hospital for medical care, free of charge. If medication is prescribed during a contract, there is no charge. (Medical coverage only provided during contract, no coverage between contracts).
- Many staff members enjoy the travel, for obvious reasons. From 3-12 day cruises around the fleet, A/V Staff may find themselves shooting video in some of the most exotic places around the world. With this travel comes the opportunity to meet and befriend people from over 80 different nations.
- Due to the fact that room and board are free, this position allows for A/V Staff to save a lot of money during a contract. Pay is in cash onboard & there is a safe deposit box available onboard, plus to opportunity to visit a bank of choice in the various ports of call.
- This position has a 90 day review period. During those 90 days, Staff members are paid $ 1,500.00 per month. After the review period is over and new staff is considered to be at full status, the pay is increased to $ 1,800.00 per month. US Citizens will not be exempt from Federal Income tax.
- After 2 contracts, A/V Staff can be trained to become A/V Manager.
- Advancement through the ranks in this industry is must faster than on land.
- Upon completion of the contract, air travel back home is paid by the company. If additional contracts are desired, the cruise line will assume air travel expenses back to a different ship and again back home at the end of each subsequent contract.
Travel for family emergencies, termination or resignation is the sole responsibility of the individual.


- Solid and relevant previous experience in this role
- Good command of the English language