Cruise Director


Primary Function - The Cruise Director is responsible for all areas of guest entertainment, all entertainment personnel, revenue generation onboard the vessel and guest and crew safety. The Cruise Director is to represent Carnival Cruise Lines throughout the entire cruise guiding the guests through a fun and memorable vacation. They should connect with guests daily, attend all major shipboard functions, and work to improve the Entertainment experiences of our guests each voyage. The Cruise Director is also responsible for providing information on all aspects of the cruise experience to the guests (including, but not limited to: concessions, seminars, excursions, customs & immigration, etc.) and implementing all directives assigned from shore side.

Major Functions:


Shipboard Safety/Funtime

The Cruise Director is responsible to provide calm and clear information in the event of any emergency; working directly with the Captain to communicate information to the guests. All relevant SMS procedures should be maintained and records kept for the required time frame.

Ensure CD and Entertainment Dept. follows the proper procedures as directed by SMS (Safety Management System) as per the Procedure Matrix

Open SMS - Procedure Matrix - SMS Procedure Matrix by Position - Hotel Department Tab

Serve as chairperson of the Guest Safety Focus Committee Team, provide input to each ship's Safety Plan and be the key representative for guest safety.

Ensure the Entertainment team follows the proper procedures regarding Funtime. Coordinate with sub-department heads to ensure that department is updated daily and all updates are carried out as per CCL procedures.

Managing the Entertainment Dept:

The Cruise Director should work with onboard Personnel to coordinate all shows, activities, and additional entertainment. He/she should concentrate to manage, supervise, guide, empower, assist, support, and encourage the personnel of the Entertainment Dept.

The Cruise Director is responsible for providing hands-on training to all Entertainment Staff and the Assistant Cruise Director as outlined in the Tier Training Program.

Monitor and Relay information with the Entertainment Dept through e-mail correspondence and meetings such as Production and Departmental Meetings.

Communicate with shipboard departments, concessions, shoreside and shipboard management by phone, e-mail correspondence, meetings, performance records, evaluations and public folder postings.

Complete evaluations for the department in a timely and proper manner.

Oversee scheduling of all Entertainment Dept. activities. Create, develop and refine onboard activities, games and audience participation to maximize our guests experience.

Communicate new ideas and activities to shoreside entertainment department and to others throughout the fleet.

Ensure that all directives from shore side are executed and monitored by all those involved and provide feedback to all applicable personnel.

Post to applicable public folders and network drives all Capers, Schedules, Meeting Minutes, Documents, Evaluations, and any future requested or applicable information as determined from shore side and shipboard personnel.