Youth Staff


Carnival Youth Experience - Onboard Carnival there is a great experience dedicated to kids 17 years old and younger. Carnival has 3 different programs to cater to the different ages onboard. Camp Carnival is for kids 2-11, Circle C is for young teens 12-14 and Club O2 is for teens 15-17. Each program is geared toward the kids and teens so they have a place to go, others to meet, stay safe and have FUN!

Circle C

It's time to cruise, chill and connect. Onboard we have young teens 12-14 years old who want to do just that. The Circle C Director is in charge of the Circle C program and they are able to chill and connect with these young teens. The Circle C Director comes up with new activities to offer and help young teens have a great vacation. The Circle C Director keeps up with music, trends, host events, listen to the teens, and they are there to offer the young teens a place to connect with others.

Camp Carnival

In Camp Carnival there are 3 different age groups for kids 2-11 years old. There are the 2-5 year olds, 6-8 year olds, and 9-11 year olds. Each group has age appropriate activities that are fun, interactive, and some are also educational. Some of the great events that happen in Camp Carnival are Kid's Dinner, circle games, puppet making, video game time, volcano (make and erupt), bead making, Funship Freddy hunt, Kid's talent show and sand art. Camp Carnival also offers babysitting in Camp Carnival for kids 11 years old and younger for nominal fee each night. The Camp Carnival Staff help with adapting and creating activities so that the kids onboard will have a fun and great experience. They are very energetic, patient, and ready to handle kids in all age groups. They are also able to follow guidelines to make sure the kids stay safe and supervised.