Lighting Technician


Job Description & Responsibilities: Execute checklists as outlined in the MOM E01, and as directed by the ETM

- Operates Main Lounge Lighting and control systems and instruments.

- Design lights for guest entertainer and local presentations as required by the ETM

- Operate and maintain pyrotechnics, video, confetti, and all other effects for all rehearsals, presentations and shows as required.

- Assists the Lounge Technician with lighting as directed by ETM

- Provides technical support for all Entertainment Department activities and programs including set up and strike of stage settings as required by the ETM.

- Maintains all Entertainment Department lighting equipment in conjunction with the Lounge Technician.

- Coordinate with onboard staff to facilitate repair of broken equipment and maintenance of entertainment department systems.

- Maintain an inventory of spare parts and consumable supplies such as lamps, gel, fluids, tape, batteries, etc. with the ETM


- Solid and relevant previous experience in this role
- Good command of the English language