Human Resources Manager


Human Resources Manager. Silversea Cruises, the defining name in the Ultra-luxurious cruising industry and nominated many times as the ‘World's Best' cruise line is seeking experienced professionals who take pride in their professional duties and are willing to deliver excellence to our demanding 6* clientele every time.

Performance Responsibilities

In this position, you are responsible for:

-          Managing and co coordinating all personnel related activities ensuring the implementation of Silversea Cruises HR policies,

-          Effectively assist in handling discipline by attending the hearings, manage and suggest the succession planning, promotions with HODs, terminations, induction of new employees, training, information and communication so the vessel has the manning level required to ensure consistent guests satisfaction,

-          Promoting a fair and safe work environment through the international seaman labor guidelines and safety guidelines by IMS/SOLAS and the Master / Staff Captain


Technical Duties

Guest satisfaction through consistent and superior performance, knowledge, friendliness and courtesy of all crewmembers,

Crew satisfaction and welfare,

Employee morale and retention,

Quality of human resources information and assistance internally,

Effective external (Silversea/V-Ships)and internal (onboard) communication,

True ambassador of Silversea Cruises and its HR development programs.


To guarantee crewmembers consistent superior performance by:

-          Recommending and implementing Silversea's policies and procedures relating to onboard promotion, succession planning, cross training and transfers,

-          Ensuring crewmembers possess the skills and knowledge required to perform their duties up to Silversea's standard and identifying training needs by monitoring the issuance of the performance reviews, assisting in developing the material and conducting the training, ensuring implementation of the learning outcomes and proper follow up,

-          Ensuring each crewmember is provided with constructive feedback about his – her performance, having a fair chance to focus on areas of improvement by actively coaching and assisting HODs and managers to conduct performance appraisals as per the Silversea Cruises guidelines,

-          Developing a rewards culture and championing the on board rewards programs employee of the month, Hospitality Cup, etc) in conjunction with shipboard management and Operations dept shoreside.


To guarantee a fair, safe and comfortable working environment by:

-          Constantly improving crew welfare, coordinating and running all welfare activities onboard as per Silversea's guidelines, seeking active involvement of all Officers and crew,

-          Participating in the process of and attending all disciplinary hearings, taking an impartial coaching (and counseling if needed) approach in regards to HODs and crew,

-          Ensuring an open door policy for consulting to all crew and officers onboard, with full confidentiality, and as far as possible neutrality on all matters,

-          Monitoring of SSC remuneration system and overtime (in conjunction with Financial Officer) to ensure fairness,

-          Ensuring that the different employee contracts are followed within acceptance of terms and conditions,

-          Reinforcing Silversea's Cruises policy in regards to Sexual Harassment, Diversity, Discrimination, etc by conducting periodic training sessions for 100% compliance.

-          Auditing overtime and alerting Line Manager of any issue found, assisting in finding alternative solutions where possible to ensure the best use of manpower, monitoring the financial impact on the business, ensuring each employee works according to his – her contracted hours, and guaranteeing full compliance with legal and Silversea's policies and procedures.


To act as Business Partner, providing shipboard and shoreside professional HR services by:

-          Liaising with shoreside partners V-Ships in regards to vacation schedules, travel issues, crew insurance, medical and legal matters, promotions, schedules, transfers, making recommendations when and if necessary,

-          Ensuring efficient communication through the production of reports as per Silversea's guidelines and distributing accordingly (i.e. cruise end, nationality, any other deemed necessary),

-          Nurturing effective relationships on board, with shoreside partners and HR colleagues in other ships in order to share best practices.

-          To keep the Master, Hotel Director and shoreside partners promptly and fully informed of all relevant HR Crew & Officers matters,

-           To ensure confidentiality when handling sensitive information,

-          To achieve the primary objectives of the position and comply with the above mentioned accountabilities in a timely and efficient manner in accordance with Silversea's policies,

-          To project a favorable image of Silversea's, to promote its aims and objectives and foster and enhance public recognition and acceptance of all its areas and endeavor, procedures at all times, participating in all relevant meetings and training sessions,

-          To participate in all mandatory training without excuse,

-          To observe and enforce uniform standards according Silversea's procedures,

-          To efficiently perform all other duties as requested by shipboard management or shoreside.