A Really Fabulous Executive Housekeeper Relief Role With An Amazing 6* Luxury Mega Yacht!


Job Description: A Really Fabulous Executive Housekeeper Relief Role With An Amazing 6* Luxury Mega Yacht! I am really delighted to share this fabulous opportunity which is truly life-changing both personally and professionally. Are you ready for an exciting adventure?!

• Role: Executive Housekeeper Relief

• Company: A 6* luxury Mega Yacht – Ultra Luxury!

• Start date: ASAP

• Salary: US$50,744 annual salary tax free

• Contract 4 months on, 2 off

• Berthing: Single cabin

• Reporting to: The Hotel Manager

• Interviews: Onboard in the UK or perhaps via Skype determined by where you are in the wide world

• Flights: Too and from the ship are provided by the company

The Role Overview

2 months as Assistant Executive Housekeeper, then moving to Executive Housekeeper to cover for 2 months, then 2 months vacation, then the rotation starts again. The salary is consistent whether you move from one role to the other. The Executive Housekeeper’s primary responsibility is the management of the entire Housekeeping operation including training, inter-department communications, and staff scheduling. The Executive Housekeeper requires strong attention to detail, leadership skills, and the ability to effectively deal with Department Heads, Guests and Crewmembers. A procedural approach to managing the entire Housekeeping department must be employed, utilizing modern management principles as well as incorporating technological innovations where practical in order to deliver top quality service to our Guests.

Candidate Requirements:

At least 3 years experience as an Executive Housekeeper from 5* Luxury Hotels / Resorts or Luxury 5* Cruise Lines.

Luxury 5* / 6* experience is a must!

Functional Expertise

o Solid progression through Housekeeping ranks

o Experience with ultra luxury Housekeeping operations

o Experience implementing new Housekeeping concepts

o Track record developing profitable Housekeeping promotions

o Has specialized knowledge of cleaning and caring for fine furnishing, valuables, artwork etc.

o Establish and maintain proper inventories

o Excellent knowledge of Public Health regulations

Proactive, Team Player, Problem Solver

Passionate about hospitality and customer service driven

Must have a professional appearance

Respect for all co-workers and guests

Pride in your work by creating positive energy, excitement and fun

Demonstrate positive behaviors; smiling, being polite and courteous

Able to develop a camaraderie with team members

Personality is very key to this role too. Your bubbling and effervescent style will be recognised by the way your resume / CV is presented and how it is read. Please be aware that for this role we are expecting ‘hundreds’ of applicants, so please think before you send me your resume…is my CV document really a fabulous representation of a 6* professional?! I am sure it will be…

If this really great opportunity is for you and you match the requested work history and background for the role, please send me your up to date and professional CV. Kindly ensure it has all your contact details clearly listed with the correct telephone numbers on too.

Best regards,