Staff Chief Engineer


Job Summary

- Second highest-ranked officer in the engineering department. Must be fully conversant with all of the Chief Engineers responsibilities and must be able to assume the position of the Chief Engineer if needed.

Responsibility and Authority

- Acquire the necessary knowledge of the Company's SMS in order to apply it on board their ships and to instruct and train all crew members.
- Ensure that the Maintenance programs arranged by the Company are diligently implemented.
- Be thoroughly aware of the content and application of the Engine Company’s Standing Orders.
- In cooperation with the Staff Captain, coordinate Confine Spaces Entry.
- Responsible Officer for Working Aloft of Overboard.
- Responsible Officer for Hot Work.
- Responsible Officer for Works Underwater.
- Responsible Officer for Work Requiring Lockout Tag Out.
- Assist Chief Engineer in overseeing all bunkering and transfer operations ensuring an efficient and effective cooperation with the barge and/or shore side personnel during all such operations.
- Assist Chief Engineer in carrying out Training for Environmental Management.
- Cooperate with the Staff Captain in coordinating the Engine generated Waste Disposal.
- Member of the Shipboard Safety Committee.
- Assist Safety Officer in conducting specific Onboard Training and Drills.
- Provide adequate instructions on the Company’s Safety Management System, including last reviews and amendments affecting the system to Engine Officers and/or Key Persons upon their arrival on board.
- Issue all Work Permits for the Engine Department.
- Coordinates Hotel Areas Alarms Test.
- Issue Shipboard Crew Notices as needed.
- Member of the Fire Safety Inspection Team.
- Implement Storage Requirements policy.
- Assist Chief Engineer investigating Marine Casualties.
- Assist Chief Engineer investigating Shipboard Incidents and Hazardous situations.
- Exempt Engine personnel from Training Exercises and Drill Activities.
- Implement Crew Cabins Safety Inspections policy.
- Member of the Shipboard Senior Management Meeting.
- Ensure that Engine crew receives appropriate training prior to being assigned shipboard duties.
- Ensure correct use and maintenance of lifting appliances.
- Ensure correct implementation of Passengers Safety policy.
- Provide safety training to persons belonging to third parties other then the Company working on board while the ship is under way.
- Supervise technical aspect of Management of Ship hospital Medical Oxygen.
- Evaluate subordinates.
- Familiarize with Hazardous Material Emergency Spill Response.
- Enforce Safety of Navigation Engine Room.
- Overview training of Engine Officers that are newly assigned to a ship in order to familiarize themselves with the ship's features.
- To prepare a handover report prior leaving the vessel.
- Monitor machineries and part of systems performances through lube oil and waters analysis.
- Assist Chief engineer in coordinating Engine Department Monthly Condition Report.
- Responsible for Inspections of Tanks and Compartments.
- Ensure that inspections, maintenances and tests of environmental systems are always carried out by assigned personnel according to the manufacturer guidelines, his/her discretion and the Company’s instructions, if any.
- Comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding refrigerant gasses emissions to the atmosphere.
- Comply with all laws and regulations regarding bilge water and oily sludge operations aboard Company ships.
- Comply with all laws and regulations regarding black water and gray water operations aboard Company ships.
- All other duties as assigned.
- May assign and delegate some of the above duties to other officers from his team.

Subordinate Positions:

- 1st Engineer
- 1st Hotel Engineer - O Class (as applicable)
- 2nd Engineers
- Engine Ratings

Reports to:

- Chief Engineer

* This post does not represent current live opening. After submitting your resume, the cruise line will keep your information on file for open positions.


Education and Experience

- Chief Engineer qualifications and licenses in compliance with all International and National conventions and regulations.
- Unlimited Chief Engineer license, endorsed by the Flag State, and all of the certificates as required by the STCW 95.
- 1 years experience on passengers vessels of which at least 4 months as 1st Engineer Engineer.
- Full knowledge and understanding of the Company SMS.
- Thorough knowledge of the vessel he/she is assigned to.

Leadership and managerial skills including but not limited to:
- Seamanship
- Decision Making
- Team Building
- Coaching and Counseling
- Communication
- Conflict Resolution
- Budgeting
- Time Management
- Computer Literacy
- Customer Service

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