Staff Captain


Job Summary

- Second in command and in charge of the Deck Department.
- To be familiar with the Master’s duties and responsibilities.
- Be prepared to assume command if for any reason the Master is incapacitated.
- Ship’s Security Officer (SSO).
- Assist the Master with all operational issues and keep him informed of all aspects and significant trends related to the safety of passengers and crew, safety of the vessel and the protection of the environment.
- Give the Master whatever advice in his/hers opinion deems appropriate if the vessel is or might be in a hazardous condition.
- Bridge Team Member.

Responsibility and Authority

- Commit to the Company’s Core Values – carry out daily activities following the R.I.T.E. way – Respect, Integrity, Trust and Excellence are the foundation of all our actions, every day, in everything we do.
- Assume personal responsibility for safety and the environment. Be accountable for themselves and the safety of others in their vicinity. Environmental consciousness forms one part of this accountability.
- Ensure that the Master’s instructions are implemented correctly through close cooperation with department heads.
- Monitor the practical application of the Company's policy, procedures and instructions.
- Immediately report to the Master any instances where the vessel is unable or fails to comply with any Company’s policy, procedure, instruction, and any safety, environmental, or security requirement.
- Conduct daily ship’s stability calculation ensuring that at all times the vessel is complying with the requirements as described in the Ship’s Stability Book. Train all Deck Officers in the calculation and verification of the ship’s stability.
- Ensure that Deck Officers and Key Persons receive adequate instructions on Company’s SMS upon arriving on board.
- For persons under their functional area, ensure that safety training is provided to persons belonging to Contractors or third parties working on board while the ship is under way.
- Issue all Work Permits for the Deck Department except Hot Works.
- Issue Shipboard Crew Notices as needed.
- Team leader of the Fire Safety Inspection.
- Familiarization of Deck Officers with the bridge equipment.
- Investigate all Marine Casualties outside engine spaces.
- Investigate all Incidents outside engine spaces.
- Issue Exemptions from Training, Exercises, and Drill Activities for the Deck Department.
- Familiarization of Deck Officers with the vessel.
- Acknowledge Handover Reports of Deck Officers.
- Deputy Chairman of the Shipboard Safety Committee.
- Correct implementation of Inspection of Tanks and Compartments procedure.
- Supervision of Carpenter’s Workshops Ducts and Filters cleaning.
- Appoint experienced officers to assist Safety Officer to conduct onboard training and exercises.
- Ensure Safe Access to the Vessel.
- Coordinate Monthly condition Report for the Deck department.
- Share the watch on the bridge with the Master.
- Through the Safety Officer, assign Fire Watch for hot works to be carried out on board as specified in the Safety Management System.
- Responsible officer for Works Underwater work permit for the deck department.
- Responsible officer for Work Requiring Lockout and Tagout work permit for the deck department.
- Ensure correct implementation of the Port Safety Manning.
- Ensure correct implementation of the Crew Cabins Safety Inspections.
- Member of the Shipboard Senior Management Meeting.
- Ensure correct implementation of Forklift Operations.
- Ensure proper Crew Training on the Job for the Deck personnel.
- Coordinate Deck Cadet onboard training, ensuring that training programs or requirements are adhered to.
- Ensure correct Management of Lifting Appliances.
- Be cognizant and ensure implementation as per the Safety Management System regarding passenger safety.
- Provide Positive Report to the Master prior departure.
- Evaluates and acknowledge evaluations of Deck department personnel.
- Member of the Mass Casualty Response Team.
- Coordinate Hazardous Material Emergency Spill Response.
- Responsible for planning, execution and operation of tendering services
- Ensure proper conduct and discipline of passengers and crew during emergency procedures for the muster of passengers.
- Ensure that all passengers and crew attend emergency drills.
- Responsible for the security of the vessel, guests, and crew. Ensure that the Ship Security Plan is enforced and complied with. Ensure proper implementation of security policies.
- Responsible to oversee all aspects of safety, security, and pollution prevention.
- Responsible for all safety fire fighting, pollution prevention and security equipment (excluding the Engine Room).
- Responsible for the assignment of duties to the Bridge Officers, consistent with their job description and delegated duties as he/she deems necessary.
- Conduct regular inspections throughout the vessel to assess safety standards, material condition and cleanliness.
- Ensure correct implementation of the Storage Requirements for the Deck Department.
- Responsible USPH coordinator, in close cooperation with the General Manager and the Chief Engineer, ensure that all rules and regulations are complied with. Conduct training for Environmental Management.
- Conduct training for Environmental Management.
- Responsible for the accounting of the ships fresh water supply and consumption. In conjunction with the Chief Engineer he determines the production and stowage plans for water supplies. He is responsible for supply replenishment from ashore. He is also responsible for monitoring and recording the treatment of potable, service and swimming pool water.
- Coordinate and organize the ship’s pest-control procedures. Monitoring the effectiveness of pest control and instigating corrective action where necessary.
- Responsible for the implementation and follow up of the waste management plan in conjunction with the General Manager and the Chief Engineer.
- Coordinate Disposal and Recordkeeping of Vessel Generated Waste.
- Ensure proper implementation of EOC policies.
- Responsible for the discipline. He/she shall review all disciplinary reports and consulting with the Chief Engineer and General Manager as needed, will take appropriate action or submit the case to the Master according to the Company’s policy.
- Responsible for alerting all departments of rough weather and to secure the vessel on the event of rough seas.
- To train the 1st Officer involving him/her as much as possible in his/her daily work.
- Ensure that all new crew members are instructed regarding their emergency duties according to the emergency Plan.
- Ensure that the maintenance programs and inspections and tests programs arranged by the Company pertinent to his/hers area of responsibility are diligently implemented.
- Issue requisitions for spare parts, materials, services, and repairs for his/hers area of responsibility taking into consideration the maintenance work program and the possible needs for repairs.
- Responsible for stock control for his/hers area of responsibility.
- Responsible for all onboard Locks System and Safes. Shall ensure that the Locking Plan is duly updated.
- Ensure that the Medical Facility equipment is properly maintained, and shall be present during the required drug counts and shall verify the inventory.
- Ensure correct Management of Ship’s Hospital Medical Oxygen.
- Liaison between the Crew welfare committee and Ship’s management.
- Responsible to review and ensure that all logbooks and reports issued within the deck department are prepared and completed as required by SMS.
- Ensure that his department is ready for sea upon departure from a port or an anchorage.
- All other duties as assigned.
- May assign and delegate some of the above duties to other officers from his team.

Subordinate Positions

- 1st Deck Officer
- 2nd Deck Officers
- Security Officer
- Boatswain
- Carpenter
- Deck Cadet

Reports to

- Captain / Master

* This post does not represent current live opening. After submitting your resume, the cruise line will keep your information on file for open positions.


Education and Experience

Staff Captain’s qualifications and licenses in compliance with all International and National conventions and regulations.
Unlimited Master’s license, endorsed by the Flag State, and all of the certificates as required by the STCW 95.
1 year experience on passengers vessels of which at least six months as 1st Officer.
Full knowledge and understanding of the Company SMS.
Thorough knowledge of the vessel he/she is assigned to.

Leadership and managerial skills including but not limited to:
* Seamanship
* Decision Making
* Team Building
* Coaching and Counseling
* Communication
* Conflict Resolution
* Budgeting
* Time Management
* Computer Literacy
* Customer Service

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