Refrigeration Engineer


The refrigeration Engineer is responsible for operating and maintaining the ship’s HVAC equipment/system, domestic refrigeration plant, technical space ventilation and any other task as directed by the Staff Chief Engineer/Chief Engineer.

Shall personally inspect the cleanliness and safety of galley, laundry, and launderette exhaust ducts, and shall ensure that all required and necessary cleaning routines and records are properly executed. Assist the Staff Chief Engineer with Hotel maintenance as required Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the HVAC plant, the provisioning plant and related cold rooms, all refrigerated bar and galley equipment.

He/she shall monitor the consumption of refrigerants closely and raise the alert if an irregular situation should occur. Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the engine room and galley ventilation systems, including all fans, dampers, silencers, air filters including their remote and local controls. Delegate and distribute work for the Assistant Refrigeration Engineer if applicable, including training and guiding. Responsible for the maintenance and periodic testing of fire dampers and Gaylord or similar system, including record keeping of the cleaning schedule.

Responsible for keeping of temperature logs for freezers and cold rooms as required by USPH. He must work closely with his superiors when scheduling maintenance work on the HVAC plant in order to create a minimum level of discomfort for pax and crew. Write a hand over report for your relief. Be familiar with Seabourn Health, Environmental, Safety and Security Policy and the SMS2008, and carry out the policies and procedures as appropriate to their position (Also his responsibilities in the Safety organization according to the Emergency plan and station bill).

Responsible for ensuring that personnel under his supervision are aware of Seabourn Health, Environmental, Safety and Security Policy and the SMS2008, as it apply to their positions. The Refrigeration Engineer is responsible for the AMOS System for the HVAC department and shall keep a close cooperation with the Technical Store Keeper, Staff Chief Engineer and the Chief Engineer. He/she is responsible for the HVAC Stores, parts and supplies, inventory control and purchase requisitions. He/she shall work closely with the Chief Engineer to ensure that the expenditures are within the limits of the approved budget.