Chief Engineer


The Chief Engineer has overall responsibility for all technical operations and equipment onboard. Responsible for the budget preparation and follow up in his department. He must work closely with the Technical Superintendent in preparing all operation budgets. He must make sure that the vessel carries and orders spare parts in the most economical and operationally efficient way. Responsible for keeping the Master informed at all times of any operational problems or activities within his department as well as submitting the required reports and information to Marine and Technical Operations.

Responsible for ensuring that Hand Over reports are completed and submitted to the Master and to the Director Technical Operations, before signing off the ship. He must make sure that his relief is fully informed about all operational details and pending items.

Responsible for Safe Working Practices in his department. He is responsible for maintaining all machinery and equipment in good operating condition in the entire ship and that it meets all requirements and regulations by the regulatory bodies concerned. Responsible to ascertain that all officers in his department carry the necessary licenses required for their position onboard including watch keepers.

Responsible for ensuring that all engineers are familiar with their duties and can carry them out. Responsible for ensuring that all engineering drawings, manuals, records and logs are properly maintained. Responsible for ensuring that the technical plant is operated in a safe and economical manner. Responsible for ensuring that the Technical department maintain and operate environmental systems in accordance with all applicable regulations and policies. Responsible for training the Staff Chief Engineer so that he is fully conversant with all of the responsibilities of the Chief Engineer and able to assume the position should this be deemed necessary.<

The Chief Engineer shall assist with training in his department in order to fulfill the STCW-95 requirements and is responsible for following up the SMS2008 within his department. Responsible for making sure that the AMOS System for maintenance and spare parts is kept up to date. Write a hand over report for your relief. Be familiar with Seabourn Health, Environmental, Safety and Security Policy and the SMS2008, and carry out the policies and procedures as appropriate to their position (Also his responsibilities in the Safety organization according to the Emergency plan and station bill). Responsible for ensuring that personnel under his supervision are aware of company's Health, Environmental , Safety and Security Policy and the SMS2008, as it apply to their positions.